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Call an ADT professional at (561) 404-0338 for special pricing now! ADT Boca Raton, FL offers around the clock home security systems and alarm services.

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Ellen Miller March 18, 2021 7:33 pm

If I could give 0 stars, I would. I had great service in upstate NY for 15 years and moved to WA state and have had HORRIBLE service for 3 years. In fact, the latest actions ADT has taken have been borderline fraudulent. I tried to cancel, was told I had to give 30 days notice and then the next month not only did I get the email saying the communications to my system was working and all was good, but they billed me another month! And, I have NO idea how the communications were successful to my system — I had removed it from the wall the day I cancelled! BEWARE.

Gator Gal March 6, 2021 3:27 pm

One horrible experience after another with the “best system” that we paid $3700 for our NC summer home Oct 2020. 5 false alarms in less than 5 months; over 6 incorrect notifications on the ADT app. One was the night I had to call 911 to take my husband to the hospital. It said “front door unlocked.” Had our neighbor check the next day. It wasn’t unlocked. My husband passed away three weeks later and the problems have persisted. ADT rep says after 3 problems I can get my money back. But another rep has said dont let them have the equipment without the money in hand. This is crazy!! I’m grieving for my husband I have to deal with this?

George Mouradian G.G. March 5, 2021 9:30 pm

ADT is very expensive compared to other alarm companies, with more advanced equipment.
ADT always tries to charge you few dollars more every chance they get.
Stay away from so called adt authorized dealers.
They sell you outdated or used equipment and adt does not stand behind them.

Kenneth Galloway February 20, 2021 6:00 pm

They will bill you without a signed contract or installing the equipment. They use shoddy local distributors. It is nearly impossible to cancel. Even if you pay out previous contracts in full. Beware these people.

Update: since posting this I have talked to a lot of people. Emailed the person below. My phone records show 37 calls to adt. Only one person actually gave a callback. I am still struggling a week later to remedy this situation. ADT makes me feel like a resident of the twilight zone.

Darn google, why not allow a quarter start review. ADT doesn’t deserve a single star

Joyce Bishop December 17, 2020 11:20 pm

To Whom It May Concern:
I have been a loyal customer of ADT for 19 years. We just expanded to one of our businesses and were planning on integrating into our other 3 businesses. However, after the poor account management we’ve been experiencing, we will no longer be doing that. Since we moved to our new home 4 years ago, we’ve had to replace 8 Z-way switches, all which require an electrician. It stops working, we call ADT, they send a tech out in 1-2 weeks, they show up and tell us they can’t help us. Then we have to reschedule in 1-2 more weeks so they can come back with an electrician. The last few times we requested the electrician the first time we called, and have been unsuccessful doing so. We have to hire/pay for a babysitter. We have to hire/pay for a worker to take our place at the business. And we have to waste our time and the technicians time, because your protocol says you can’t schedule an electrician the first time around. We have made numerous calls, been on lengthy holds, been hung up on. No one can seem to figure this out. Most of the time they replace the Z-way switches for free, sometimes they charge $200 (we were told we shouldn’t be charged). I was on hold for an hour last time, spoke with a rep, asked to speak with a supervisor, they transferred me to someone who was not a supervisor, was told an electrician would come out, then was hung up on with no return call. And low and behold, today there was no electrician. This is very poor account management/service in my eyes. It should not take a month, two visits, and however long on the phone to take care of one stinking switch. I have not been able to figure out where to file a complaint so I will put on every avenue I am personally aware of.