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Rob Nee February 21, 2021 3:50 pm

Don’t do it! When we entered the room we immediately were overcome by the moldy smell, the door to the adjoining room had a table up against it, I suppose to stop people from next door coming, since the wood around the slide bolt was broken. The room was substandard in every way. They would not refund our money, 123 dollars because 25 minutes had passed. We saw a lot of shady activity going on, I’m just glad we didn’t put our bags on the bed. I forgot to mention the air conditioner didn’t work and the wall unit was filthy and rusty. We didn’t stay, think about that, it was worth losing 123 dollars not to stay in that room!

Sarah Mitchell-Cetti February 20, 2021 4:58 am

Family owned hotel, they accept cash, credit or debit and do not need a deposit. unless, I believe, if you use a 3rd party website to book your stay which isn’t even with it as the rooms range from$85-$95 per night, the rooms are okay but they are doing minor remodeling in each room. Hotel does have a gated pool and lounge chairs to lay in the sun. They also have round picnic tables right on the outside gate of the pool with umbrellas to eat and hang out at. This is not a safe place for children to stay at, a lot of illegal activity going on on the premises, people drinking alcohol and getting belligerent and the bodega store next to it usually has drunk bums hanging around asking for money. Super sketchy place to stay but if you have no where else to to late night you can just show up and they will most likely have a room available.

Jose Antonio December 30, 2020 1:13 am

A total disaster. Never again !!!
First you need to do the check in from outside standing up while the guy open a small window and ask you to fill in your info and he takes forever to go and bring the keys. Second the tv and the phone does not work. The room have bad odors like fungus or humidity and beside all that the shower has hairs ling hairs that definitely don’t belong to us . The plugs does not work as well. Never went to such a bad place I couldn’t stay as my fiancee cannot stop sniffing due to the humidity so we leave we will be sick if staying. Walls dirty with lipstick. Our worst experience at any hotel in USA.

Mike Bailey November 11, 2020 2:25 am

Staff was very nice ! But the first room was given to me by mistake and it was not set up and walls were covered in mold.. Put me in another room and bedding was never changed from previous guests, there was something brown on the sheets and pillows covered in hair. Got the 3rd room and looked much better but woke up with bites all over my legs !!! Never again !!

Ronald Croteau September 6, 2020 9:49 pm

I didn’t take pics and I did give it 3 stars because the guy that checked us in was very nice. Even though he was kind there were several issues that need to be mentioned.
Check in: he gave us door keys and remotes and only my door key worked. He came with us back to the rooms and made every effort to open the door and even his master didn’t work. Be reprogrammed the room key and yet still didn’t work. He moved my sister and daughter 6 rooms down.
Door key: after several attempts to open, I noticed the lights on the key insert were very dim. I showed him the difference between mine and the one he was trying to open and he sprayed WD-40 on/in it. Didn’t work.
Remote for TV: mine didn’t work, he brought another and worked on it for 20 minutes. He got the tv on with a master and said he’d come back and reprogram the remote. We went out for two hours and came back it still didn’t work!
Bathroom: the toilet was so close to the wall that when you sat the paper holder was jammed under your armpit. You had to sit coming down in an angle. The faucet dropped so constant I had to put a wash cloth under it to suppress the dripping noise.
Room ac/cleanliness: my room the ac was set on 69 and blowing cool not cold air. The room was made up but not clean, hair hanging from the towel rack where the “clean” towels were.
I guess the cliche, “you get what you pay for” is true even in fabulous Boca Raton. Pay a little more and stay elsewhere.