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Boca Medical Supply has been providing home health products to Boca Raton and Southern Florida residents since 1964. See how we can help you today!

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Norman Rafelson March 2, 2021 4:04 pm

I found them to be very attentive to my needs and very understanding of what issues I was trying to address. They always have the time and the patience in listening to me. Highly recommended

sdranger X February 24, 2021 2:25 pm

Worse place on earth. Whoever manages this place on a top level needs to really examine the staff. The customer service is lacking and staff dont really know anything in the store. There is only one person (forgot her name) that knows what is going on and she chooses what she wants to sell you. If you want an alternative she becomes unresponsive and won’t answer calls or store visits.

Teresa Hair January 15, 2020 10:02 pm

This place is great. They’re very knowledgeable and caring – thank you, Elaine!

Debra Friedopfer March 18, 2019 8:43 pm

My mother suffers from dementia. She has a closed hand where her fingers are locked and her thumb is in excruciating pain locked to one side and cannot move it.
My mother’s aide took a prescription from a hand surgeon over to Boca Medical Supply and after 2 weeks of waiting , they made it for the incorrect hand. My mom waited another 2 weeks and was told to pick up the hand brace.
The manager could not get it on my moms hand correctly, but sold it to her anyway.
When I went over to my moms 1 hour after she and the aide picked up the brace , clearly we saw it didn’t work / did not fit ! I immediately went back to return it for a total sum of 178.00 and she said she would not take it back because it is not refundable! They should have never sold it in the first place !
I highly recommend never to purchase anything from Boca Medical in Boca Raton Florida unless they can clearly show how the item they are selling you works !!!! Specifically on
their “ NON Refundable” merchandise ! Please know I have been using Google since they began and have never written a negative review. They are really cold and would rather keep your money than do the right thing for you.

Ethan Taylor November 2, 2018 1:29 pm

I went to the store after my injury, all I can say is the staff there are kind and very knowledgeable. There customer service is A+++. They took care of all of my needs and I recommend anyone that needs Medical Equipment to visit Boca Medical. I called around to other suppliers and they were not helpful/rude.