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Melanie Vaughan September 16, 2020 2:13 pm

Everyone here was so caring and patient. My ultrasound tech was extremely knowledgeable and sweet and answered all of my questions with ease and I never felt like I was in the dark. Dr. Jones was awesome and explained my visit gracefully. Thank you ladies!

Tierney Mccauley July 27, 2020 4:21 pm

This place doesn’t even deserve a 1 star review. I give it zero stars. I was referred here by my midwife who told me I that I would be able to bring my husband to the appointment. It Covid times, this was so exciting to us and we looked forward to the appointment for a month. We showed up to the office and he was turned away as their “policy has changed” I was sad, and didn’t receive much sympathy from the front desk. When I was called back for my ultrasound, I asked the tech if I could dial in my husband from FaceTime, to which she said no. I explained how we thought he’d be attending and instead he was out in the car, and having him attend virtually would be the next best thing. She brought the doctor in to “explain their policy” to which he said, “it’s not my policy, it’s the company policy” I asked again if they could make an exception as we are all doing the best we can during covid to feel okay during these tough times. Both the doctor and the tech got increasingly more rude to me, never giving a reason why I couldn’t FaceTime my husband. At one point the doctor put his hand on my knee, which I found highly inappropriate and jumped back. He left the room only to return 5 seconds later (still angry) and told me I should go get my ultrasound somewhere else.
Everyone in this office is rude and unkind and unsympathetic. This is my first pregnancy and this office truly didn’t care about how I’m feeling during this time. If you’re looking for a nice facility to experience the most special time in life, definitely DONT go here.

Jessica Spaeth June 3, 2020 6:42 pm

I will give 2 stars because the lady at the front desk was sweet and the doctor was nice enough. I went here for my 20 week ultrasound today and it was by far the worst experience. The ultrasound tech, Barb, was the most unpleasant healthcare professional I have ever met. She ignored my questions, was blunt, rude, and made me so uncomfortable. She didn’t even give me any pictures to take home. As it is, my husband couldn’t come due to COVID precautions, and could barely see the ultrasound on our video call. Overall, I was extremely upset and disappointed. I was hoping they would have been more kind and the experience would have been more pleasant, as spouses cannot come like normal.

Felicia Besan January 17, 2020 3:44 pm

I had a great experience and easy appointment. The front desk staff was very friendly. Camille, my ultrasound technician, was wonderful and Dr. Lowe was very attentive and kind.
I have not yet been to a doctor’s office where there is no wait but I was seen very quickly. It seems from other reviews that other people may have had to wait longer so if this is an issue for you, I recommend you request the first appointment in the morning or the first one after lunch or bring along a book. There are always appointments that take longer than others and I appreciate the fact that the doctors and technicians take each appointment seriously instead of looking at the clock every 5 minutes.
I am pleased with the experience overall and would definitely recommend this office!