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tatyana levander February 19, 2021 10:19 pm

I don’t even know where to start. The whole time I was there the owner was rushing me around in mid air because they were busy. Then I asked for a specific color service and they said no because they didn’t have the time so I could only do a few highlights. Then they put the highlights in and I went to have my nails done inside the shop while waiting. After my nails they washed the color out and i sat down for a haircut. After the haircut, I looked at the highlights and they were not right or even. So I said why aren’t the highlights even etc, the owner came over screaming at me saying that it’s because I didn’t pay enough to have it done right and I don’t want to pay!!!! Are you kidding me???? It had nothing to do with money at all. Then the owner said that they can’t do anything because other people are waiting and I need to get up and stop taking other peoples time!!! Then Olga said the same thing that it didn’t come out right because I wasn’t being charged enough! I was literally thrown out of my chair and handed my bill!!! Of course I paid-which I should not have. The owner then asks me if I have cash on me to give tips!!!!! Are you kidding me???? Then she tells me I can come back and pay more money to have it done more!!! I am completely mortified right now!!! Who treats their customers that way???? This was the most degrading, most humiliating experience I have ever had from a salon or business!!! I’m appalled!!! I left hysterical crying!!!!! Do not go there!!!!!!!

Linda Garretty December 21, 2020 7:18 pm

A very clean place,friendly people, confortable prices. My excellent stylist !

nat harris December 15, 2020 6:15 pm

this place was ok. it was clean and nice, and has a friendly staff. it just wasn’t worth the price. It was the cost of a pedicure at other places but didn’t do a massage or lotion or anything, so for that reason i probably won’t be returning.

Ruth Ortiz November 28, 2020 5:54 pm

I just had the worst pedicure. I sat down put my feet in water with no salts or anything. She immediately cut my nails, filed and painted my nails. There is no frills no pampering of the feet just basic cut, file and paint for $30.00 plus tip. So not worth it. I would not recommend

Robin Sing-Cunningham November 12, 2020 3:13 am

Boca Raton Today’s Hair and Nails Review

In my quest to find a good mani pedi spa that is reasonably priced in Boca,(I wasn’t optimistic), I happened across “Boca Raton Today’s Nails” in the Palmetto Park Square mall.
I decided to call and make an appointment, they answered pretty quickly, so I went and had my first manicure/pedicure.
I asked for prices, and they were MUCH better than the chichi spots you usually run into in Boca. Cha-CHING! Winner!
My nails are pretty long, so I got an acrylic overlay with French. Tim was my nail tech, and he was meticulous with both mani and pedi.
They offer all spa options, at really reasonable rates… hair, lashes, (I KNOW!).. facials and waxing.
There’s a small but clean facial/waxing room in the rear, and large, spacious, CLEAN spaces throughout the interior.
They’ve got loads of color/acrylic options for nails to choose from, some of the most varied I’ve seen.

Ask for these services technicians:

Holly -Sophia -Lisa -Jason
Sue -Marisa

It’s in an easy location, right off 95, in case you’ve got to travel a little.