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Botanical Visions is the South Florida premier landscape design company, excelling in specialty gardens, outdoor kitchens, edible landscape design and more.

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J.R. G November 16, 2020 7:10 pm

We were very excited for a total backyard overhaul including landscaping, hardscaping, and irrigation. However, after signing with Botanical Visions we were incredibly disappointed with how little respect and professionalism they showed during our home project. Everything from selection of the plants, installation, communication, respectfulness, and timeliness of the project were a major let down. Our “2-week project” lasted more than 4 months. Entire weeks went by where we had no update on the project and no one onsite to finish the remaining work. We decided to ultimately end the job after 4+ months, and it is still unfinished. There were numerous times we would see the landscapers sitting in their trucks in our neighborhood for hours on end (likely billing time) when there was still work to be done. I’m not talking about taking breaks or a lunch, but just sitting in the trucks for multiple HOURS before leaving for the day.

Looking at our backyard, we have a number of dead plants and trees that should have been replaced and a number of open items that were promised and never finished. Some other things that went horribly wrong during this project: plant selection and installation. At no point was ANY attention to detail given to our backyard. We watched as holes were dug for the trees and then when the trees were planted, the soil was literally just kicked in by someone’s foot instead of packing it correctly with a shovel (and these were large trees!). The spacing on the plants was horrible as well. Plants were not placed in any logical or clean line (or even according to the design). Rather there are weird spacings between plants, random large/small gaps, crooked trees, and just a general total lack of detail orientation on this project. In one case, the plants they picked out for one of the focal points were mismatched (meaning we ordered X amount of 1 type of plant and they randomly planted 2 totally different specimens that look completely different!). Many of the actual plants they picked out from the nurseries were also lopsided, damaged, and just aesthetically unpleasing before they were even planted.

Last, was professionalism. The owner, was argumentative towards us on MULTIPLE occasions. He promised things as part of our project that were never done and then completely went back on his word for work that was originally promised. He had excuses for everything. On multiple occasions he even cursed directly at me and my wife due to various disagreements of design and of owning his unmet promises! If that wasn’t enough, we also caught one of the landscapers peeing ON our house thinking we didn’t see him! Total disrespect.

Long story short, I would not recommend Botanical Visions and highly encourage you to look elsewhere for your landscaping needs – I genuinely wish we would have.

Karyl Niemi August 20, 2019 3:12 pm

We recently hired Botanical Visions to execute a professionally designed total overhaul of our landscape, lawn, decorative pots and irrigation system. I can’t say enough about Jennifer, Travis and their entire hardworking and professional installation crew. They shopped for high quality, interesting plants that are appropriate for specific locations within the design. Both Jennifer and Travis were on site and didn’t hesitate to get their hands dirty! Last minute changes to the design were handled with ease and the finished product is exactly what I had hoped for.
Manicured, layered hedges of different textures in the front, and a stunning tropical garden with a custom travertine walkway in the back. Also, impressive groupings of large pots that perfectly match the glass tile in our pool.

Lisa Buchalter April 9, 2019 3:20 pm

We just finished a big job with Botanical Visions and couldn’t be happier. Our point people, Jennifer and Travis were always on sight and very communicative. Even after the installation they are always around to answer any questions. The quality of the plants that are used are top notch. I would absolutely recommend Botanical Vision as a superior landscape company.

Roger White January 10, 2019 6:50 am

Steer clear! The owner is shady and only relies on his workers word. They are not quality landscapers. Bill is a strange person that feels the need to share stories of his bowel movements and his health issues with customers and employees. He seems to have a lot of problems including financial issues. I’d advise not to do business with this fly by company.

George Kocher January 27, 2018 4:13 pm

Bill and the team at Botanical Visions are the best. I’ve known Bill for two years now and I’ve seen his work on a bunch of different projects. He’s an upstanding and reliable guy. I’d recommend them to anyone.