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We offer wide variety of Cake Pops including: Birthday Cake Pops, Wedding Cake Pops, Halloween Cake Pops, Christmas Cake Pops and more. We ship nationwide!

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Nick Druzbik November 19, 2020 8:53 pm

Wonderful woman owned small business , with great products and customer service A+

Lisa Jones October 9, 2020 5:58 pm

Wherever you are right now stop what you’re doing, if you haven’t found out about @candyscakepops you are missing out big time!! we just ordered and picked up the most incredible birthday cake pops on Earth! End as I was checking out I did manage to score some rice krispie treats and chocolate cup of Oreos for myself. But I can’t tell you how impeccable this business, the customer service, and the products are. it really makes you want to be a better business person doing business with people like this. So you know how they say #TreatYoSelf ? Yessssssss 💥 do that! Whatever your occasion is I promise you Candy’s #cakepops delivers above your expectations!!!
I’m never going back to normal treats ever again for any occasion. Enjoy!

Latoya Sanders June 13, 2020 2:46 am

Well… I was going to order 5 dozen cake pops for my nephew’s graduation party. My colleague, DR. SAMAAN had dealt with this business and was raving about the product and customer service. However, just today, Dr. Samaan forwarded me an email chain between her and CANDICE, the owner, and OMG!!! That woman was SO disrespectful! I cannot believe she spoke to her in such a condescending way. All because my colleague was trying to place a custom order. What’s worse, I was on three way when she tried to call the owner to tell that one of her employees was being extremely unprofessional. We were both surprised to find out that it was the owner, CANDICE, that was being rude! That woman was SO disgraceful over the phone! I heard her yelling at my colleague and hanging up on her THREE TIMES. Who does that??? And to a paying customer who’s been singing your praises for months! Honestly, the email exchange and the phone calls that I heard were enough for me. I don’t care if her cake pops are made of solid gold… I would never do business with someone so rude and unprofessional. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it and hear it for myself. Absolutely terrible! I can’t believe this CANDICE person made a paying customer so upset that she was crying after being hung up on.

I just cannot allow myself to give this tyrant any business. Stay away from this business. The owner is the definition of UNPROFESSIONAL

LTCW June 13, 2020 1:14 am

It is very rare that I leave such a low review for a business. I was looking for a vendor that might be able to provide cake pops that were of excellent quality that I would be able to provide to my guests. I recalled that my colleague, a doctor of some renown, had purchased a large amount of cake pops for a birthday party and other events prior to this. I actually got to taste an extra one and was quite pleased.

Of course, with the pandemic, all of my plans had to be shifted. Thus I didn’t get a chance to call the business to set up an order. As some of the restrictions are being released, I contacted my colleague to get the contact information and it turns out that this company refused to acknowledge the pandemic would affect a birthday party she bought cake pops for and she would have to pay the full amount. Those cake pops are sitting in a neighbor’s freezers. She gave them another chance to purchase a smaller order, but they were incredibly rude and condescending when my colleague was asking for clarification on some aspects of the customization.

This is incredibly appalling, and though the cake pops taste delicious, I can’t abide for a lack of professionalism. It was apparently a “bother” to determine the customization request of a long time customer let alone a new customer.

Amy Joyce May 15, 2020 6:50 am

Candy’s Cake Pops look and taste fantastic, they even cater for gluten free. Candice is so talented at what she does and she also offers such friendly, excellent customer service.