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Caron Renaissance Details With longer-term, clinically intensive mental health and addiction treatment designed to address deeper issues, we build a…

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John Piermatti March 18, 2021 2:51 pm

Any positive reviews are from the relatives of staff members. Worst place on the planet, and I completed the program…
They use vulnerable people to trample on. It’s so awful

*You sound sorry from your Robot non response you give to everyone..

*Even your response is vague. My whole point is please stop thinking you guys do any good for any person ever. You are actually dangerous in my opinion…I wish sooo much I could prevent even one family from being tricked by you guys, and it’s just a hopeless feeling that I can not… Out of sight, out of mind is all I can do…

Citizen Kreg October 16, 2020 2:08 pm

This place saved my life. The negative reviews come from failed patients (a few of which I know personally) and those who were never willing to give themselves fully to the program.

Is the program tough? Yes. Do they throw obstacles in your way to see how you handle adversity? Yes. Do the staff (for the most part) know their stuff and how to handle 80+ addicts in one place? Yes.

Is it worth the money? Depends on what you determine a life to be worth. For myself and my family, the experience over 9 months I was there was life-altering in the best way. I left in May and now have 1 year and 3 months sober. Some days I honestly do miss it and the people I got to know there.

Sam Sloane March 17, 2020 9:41 pm

There are very few things in my life for which I am and will be eternally grateful. Caron’s Renaissance Institute and their various addiction program is one of them. My daughter went through their program, and because of their emphasis on family involvement, so did I. I was so incredibly impressed by the scope and professionalism of their offerings. The caliber of the staff was top notch as was the depth of their caring and commitment to their clients. My daughter had Meg and Secquay as their main counselors. They were wonderful, professional, compassionate and firm. I can’t speak highly enough about them. I don’t often recommend something without reservation, but I am now. Caron’s Renaissance Institute is one of the best facilities of its kind in the county.

Michael Foley March 1, 2020 3:26 pm

What I find interestig is that the “Owner feels the need to respond .” Seems he may be more interested in his Business rather than helping people. Treatment is good stuff but only one piece, for some, of a long journey.

Mary Scott February 29, 2020 7:22 am

I’ve been coming to your facility for the ACA meetings and I’ve got to say you got a nice place there. I’ve sort of been interested in seeing your organization as you have one of the best ladies I’ve ever known working at your Caron ocean drive location ‼️‼️ this lady used to be the director of the headwaters program but now runs Caron. I’m sure you know her doctor Megan VanElla. She was my primary counselor at Headwaters you’re lucky to have her ‼️‼️