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Matthew Waring July 23, 2019 1:58 am

Free international and domestic atm fees rebated. Great customer service. Very simple investing through brokerage account. They’re a bit cautious with the amount of deposits and withdrawals while they’re getting to know you.

Joseph S February 14, 2019 7:38 pm

Closed my account without a reason, then still made me pay fees to transfer my holdings to a new brokerage.

julio martinez February 27, 2018 1:05 am

Dear Charles Schwab Customers In Boca Raton Florida if you have your account at this location you are dealing with the best of everything that you will need for your Financial well being. For the past 35 years I have been planning for my retirement. For the past 2 years I have been on a mission to give every major brokerage house a test run. Last year I decided to walk into ThE Charles Schwab Branch in Boca Raton expecting the same assembly line treatment I got from everyone else. My needs and my knowledge is different from my wife 100 percent she might be a left brain I may be a right brian but when we agree on something it always works out. I bring this up because once Schwab past my test I wanted to make sure it was good for her. Schwab than had to beat everyone one else that I had used over the past 35 years and the ones I used over the past 2 years to make my final choice. Yes picking the best brokerage house is a priority as we are all living longer and want to make sure our money is in the best place. If you walk into the Branch in Boca it is spacious and accommodating. You do not have any high pressure selling and get looked up in a room with a broker who speaks a different language. Most impressive is they listen and than adjust to your needs. My Broker had no clue how much I knew or how much money I had. My Broker did not care what I looked like or what car I had. My Broker wanted to get to know why I was there and how he can help me. Like the best Neuro Surgeon he listened and went to work on a game plan based on my needs but also being very careful to make sure he had all the info I needed and how he can help 24/7 and twice on Sunday. This Broker went to Villanova so that was going to be helpful since my wife went to school there also. I left feeling good but actions speak louder than words. I came back with the Wife who had the same desire to go to a brokerage house as I would watching the grass grow. We both walked in to the Boca Branch I was told by my wife that I had 10 minutes max. Out Comes the Best Boss Best Broker and Best Person I have ever had the opportunity to do business with. Why do I say this he had everything ready for me that I requested in our previous meeting and more. he Had everything ready for my wife and than took the time to find out how he can help her. I could probably write for the next 3 hours all the good stuff I experienced with the customer service but what was even more impressive is that I had 0 complaints or concerns. Some famous commercial claims you can have it your way we had it our way everyday since we have been clients. If I had my own business I would hire David Rosenfeld who happens to be the branch manager at this site who came out to help me when I was dressed like part surfer part landscaper part casual Florida Native. My Wife did not look at her watch as she always had done with other brokers my wife asked great questions which she never had and interest in doing since she left it up to me in the past. My Wife like myself knew that David Rosenfeld was the real deal. When I visited with my Wife I was not allowed to dress the same way a suit was worn but I was treated the same way like a superstar customer. We spoke the same language I did not want courses or weekly phone calls. I wanted good services for my needs with a sense of urgency and to keep cost low. I wanted to know if something ever happened to me my wife had someone she can trust. I could have written this for any broker over the last 3 years but no one came close to earning this rating. I am writing this from the heart no spell check or special grammer just plain real world thoughts. Dear Schwab Ceo, Cfo and members of the board I encourage you to Visit this branch next time you are in South Florida and if you find anything that is wrong with this branch call me more important if you think anyone is Better than David Rosenfeld please let me know who it is! My only wish is I could write more good stuff but not allowed on this post I hope you get the point. Thank You for being the Best.

Richard Edwards February 5, 2018 11:08 pm

Have you ever seen a bank that limits what you can deposit? It’s your money and you want to put it in this bank and they won’t let you. Is the world just going completely insane? Don’t answer, but just think, what will be be like in 2 years? 5 years? God help us in this once upon a time great country