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Accredited Montessori preschool in Boca Raton for ages 2-6. Best day care option with certified teachers. Serving Boca Raton for 30+ years!

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Francia Seidner September 13, 2019 5:18 pm

The best school for you kids. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Pichardo June 5, 2019 6:30 pm

Children’s House Montessori East Boca Raton is the example of what a Montessori environment is all about; well prepared, safe and very loving. I have been in Montessori environments for many years and this is the best I have ever encountered.
They have become not only my child’s but OUR family. Thank you ALL for these wonderful years!!

Lots of Love,


Tiffany Sutherland July 20, 2016 12:38 am

I have had the pleasure of having both my children at this amazing school. To say the school is like a family is an understatement ! The teachers and staff are loving, nurturing, intelligent, and kind. Every concern that I have ever had has been addressed with compassion and honesty. My older child had anxiety issues when he was younger. Children’s House was wonderful for him. He was accepted for who he is and allowed to work on his own level. The teachers and staff always maintained open, honest, and caring communication with me. We problem solved his issues together and I always felt as though we were a team. I credit Children’s House for my son’s academic prowess , independence, and sense of personal responsibility. My second child is now entering her 4th year at this amazing school. I drop her off everyday knowing she will be happy and cared for and that she will be learn. I encourage anyone who is interested in exploring Montessori Education for their child to take a tour and spend some time in the observation rooms. You will soon see that there is no place like it 🙂

TopherAshley June 24, 2016 3:32 pm

My 4 year old daughter has been attending this school for nearly two years. She has excelled and made lifelong friends. Her teachers are like a second family. This is an amazing, beautiful, welcoming school where every child is given prompt attention and warm, loving care. The lessons and time spent with our child has paid off with her being advanced for her age in reading, writing and arithmetic. If you have any doubts about this place, go take a tour. One thing they do that we believe is so important, is they are honest with you about your child’s development and behavior. If you doubt them, you can sit in an observation room with a two way mirror and watch them anytime throughout the day. Some parents don’t want to hear this and may lash out in online reviews. However, I think most parents would appreciate teachers addressing an issue, identifying it early, and trying to develop a behavioral strategy to improve the student’s progress. Don’t take my word for it, go take a tour, meet the teachers, sit in the observation room. You will fall in love as we have.

Jesper Lovendahl May 30, 2016 7:50 pm

Do not trust them with your children. Below is the email I had to write to the Director of the school:

“Today my heart was broken seeing how my son is treated at your school.

I went to get him early today and arrived during lunch time. To my big surprise I found all the teachers and kids at one long table and my son sitting alone at another table away from the everyone else.

My career is in sales and I make a living of reading people. Twice before I have noticed what I registered as contempt from the younger blond teacher when picking up my son, but I have pushed it aside. But today I saw it again, combined with embarrassment, not from ostracizing my son from the group, but for getting caught doing it. It hurts me to think about how else he is punished during your care when I am not there to protect him.

We trusted you with our son, to take good care of him and support him. But what I witnessed today is mental terror of a 3 year old child. He could easily had been placed at an additional table at the end of the long table, but instead the teachers chose to make him feel not welcome and different. It is a totally unacceptable way of treating a 3 year old child and cannot be excused. I did not leave my son in your care to mentally scar him or make him feel unwanted.

My son will not be coming back to Children’s House again. I would be a very bad parent to let your employees continue the mental torture of Tristan. He deserved so much better than that!

Attached you will find my son’s Daily chart from Boca Elementary. The chart is a clear contrast to what you tell me and I can only conclude that your teachers are the main cause of the problem, not a 3 year old child.

What really broke my heart was when we came to the car and my son wanted to be held, he wouldn’t let go and started softly rubbing my back as to show his appreciation of me saving him from your care.”