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Myrna Cortez March 16, 2021 2:27 am

DO NOT BUY THIS PLAN FROM CINCH HOME SERVICE. I usually do my homework and tell everyone to read reviews but I dropped the ball. Had I seen these reviews I would have never used them. I have had Sears Home Repairs for over 10 yrs. When I called to renew my contract it was completely different, before I paid for a price for certain appliances, however this time they told me about this new wonderful plan that you pay one yearly premium and it covers almost all of the appliances in your house. (it seems Sears is no longer doing this but they kept Sears name) Long story short I purchased the plan called on 2/19/21 for my oven range and microwave, paid $75 service fee, the morning of the appointment I got a call that the tech was sick and when I asked a few questions he said the call was for my wall oven I told him II don’t have a wall oven so he didn’t reschedule my service call because it was the wrong description. I called back on 3/3/21 to reschedule and got a 3/15/21 date for the micro and was told i needed to wait for a call for my oven that is not working. On 3/15/21 no one showed up and no call. I’m still waiting for the call for the oven since 3/3/21. DO NOT BUY THIS PLAN FROM THIS COMPANY.

Michael Fraser March 3, 2021 11:56 pm

All I will say is a total waste of your time and money. Since HMS ( Former Company) departed, the quality and customer service has also left the building. I blame these contractors they hire to respond to a service call.Totally unreliable!!! Waste of your day and time when scheduled to respond out, they don’t show up. The provider mailbox is full or simply a agent from the company don’t have anymore solutions other than “keep calling them for an appointment.” Please do your checks if you still consider them.

Lori Clouse January 13, 2021 7:45 pm

I had to have a hotwater heater replaced in Nov 2020. I had to pay $125 deductible for them to send someone from Miami to tell me what I already knew. I then said I would pay for a new heater myself and get it installed for less than what they wanted me to pay for labor and other costs. I was to get a check from them for over $700 as that was what they would have covered for a replacement if I went through them. I am still waiting!!! I called 3 times for almost 8 weeks and kept getting told the check was mailed. I never got it. My mother who lives with me called them and she was told the check was never made nor sent!!! I live less than a 2 hr drive from the corporate office and I will drive down there if I don’t have it by the end of January. This will be the last time I file a claim with them. I am shopping now for a new policy!!!!

Jenn Arnold January 12, 2021 5:49 pm

I’ve had a home warranty going on 5 years and I believe it has changed names at least 3 times. Now being Cinch. One thing hasn’t changed, it takes an act of Congress to get anything done! There is no follow up so you have to call in and jump through hoops just to talk to a representative that has never seen your account before. Every time I call in they say there were not any notes from the previous contact with them. Multiple times I have been told I would receive a call back in 24 hours which has never happened. Actually, I have never received a phone call form them period! This particular claim was filed 2.5 months ago, for a dryer that is burning my clothes. Countless ruined clothing items, fear of a fire, packing my laundry and taking to a friends house to do, for 2.5 months is ridiculous. They have told me on several occasions that they would talk to the service provider and I would follow up with them and they never received any contact. At one point in Dec. they closed the claim according to cinch website. So I call and spend hour getting through only to find out that it is closed because the service provider could not confirm model # because the dryer is so old it wore off. So they just closed the claim. No phone call. No email. Had to get them to reopen and they tried to send out same company. That company does not want to come back out because there is nothing they can do until they have a serial number for parts. Which I agree with. But when I informed cinch of this they said they have to confirm that the provider actually said that! They would contact them, and put in an “escalation” and I would hear back in 24 hours. That was 6 days ago. Here I sit with no dryer, but they are pulling my monthly fee out of my account. Happened with a pool service request too. Chalked it up to the fact that it was summer and it was a pool but to no avail, we were unable to use our pool for half the summer!

Bill Knueppel December 21, 2020 9:24 pm

Horrible company to work with. I have had a home warranty with them for over 7 years. I finally needed something done and they weaseled their way out of it. My garage door opener (which they don’t deny is a covered item) stopped working after 21 years. If you tap it on the side it will work again and maybe lift the door half way and then shut down. Clearly an electrical problem. They state something else caused that and it is not covered. What????? It is 21 years old!!! I send them my $400 every year and they can’t cover a $200 opener??? The service technicians told me they are notorious for not covering anything. In addition they charged me $75 before they would even send anyone out to look at it. I called their customer service and was transferred to 4 different people and put on hold for nearly 1 1/2 hours and got nowhere. They were smug. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY WITH THIS FRAUD OF A COMPANY. You have been warned!!!

Note: In Austin’s response below he says I should reply to his response. Of course his settings won’t allow me to do so. I had to edit my review as the only way to respond to his phoney response. I stand by my statement that this company is a complete fraud! Furthermore this is a covered item as listed in my policy. Austin if you have any integrity you call me and make it right. You can look up my phone number. Contract #81480805