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Front door Detailing August 25, 2020 1:45 pm

I got into a bad accident in front of my house and nearly lost my life if it wasn’t for the way The Boca paramedics/EMT handle the incident. It was mind bowing how quick the response time was and how they removed me from my wrecked vehicle very carefully and patiently. What really inspired me to write is the fact that one of the Boca Paramedics stayed behind to help my wife and kids remove all of my belongs, wow wish I knew the guy to thank him or even offer him one of our Detailing service packages for free. Since I can’t find him I hope he sees this and I want him to know he is truly a blessing to all. Big thanks to boca raton fire rescue station 1.

Kate Rishoff July 9, 2020 4:29 pm

Well….I have to say that today I was inspired to Pay It Forward in my community once I got home from Publix today due to the kindness of what I experienced with one of the Paramedics/EMTs from Boca Fire Station Number One on Federal Highway in Boca Raton, not far from the Publix that I shop at, did something soooooo nice today. There were three or four of them in Publix today doing their food shopping, and they passed me in one aisle and saw Trudie girl in the cart. One of them seemed as if he was an actual real genuine dog lover he came across that way to me, and he looked in the cart, and did a baby voice and said “hey puppie….” I don’t know where the other guys went, maybe they were still checking out, but this one EMT saw me trying to wheel Trudie out and also I had the cart behind me with all my groceries in it.

He said “Tell ya what… I won’t take you all the way to the car, but so that you get across the street okay, I’ll just take it across and you can get it to your car from there. DO you see your car…?'”

“Yes, it’s right there, I see it…..” OMG. I was so blessed today.. and believe it or not, it DID help me with him doing that, because I was able to concentrate on no cars coming with the dog cart, and not losing control of my grocery cart. I thanked him very much, and he said “Oh totally my pleasure Ma’am”

Gee I guess I have finally hit the age where I am the little old lady they helped get across the street….Gee boys… Thanks… I think….. Time to join AARP I guess. I never knew that my hair growing in salt and pepper would get all that attention. LOL LOL LOL I guess I’ve finally hit my Silver Sneaker status.. Yea.. okay….

All kidding aside however, can you imagine, this “NICE YOUNG MAN…” (said with my theatrical old lady scratchy voice in my rocking chair….) with all that they have to do all day and the numerous risks that they take at any given call, i.e. helping the next person whom they never know, do they have COVID and do they have to do CPR on a person who has it? I know that they have mouth guards in this day and age, but hey, they never know what today is going to bring… and it was early in the day yet.. and this EMT, he takes the time out…which he did not have to do… and helped me across the front lane of the Mall to get to my car… Once he saw that I was good to get to my car, he let me be, which was fine by me. WOW.. as if they don’t help people all day, and he took that extra minute to do that.

Boca’s finest right there…… Awesome., These Guys and Gals who are doing this day in and day out…they are the best……