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Amy Asher August 16, 2020 12:13 am

My son just started his freshman year at his first choice university to which he was accepted early decision in December.
We retained Bonnie’s services in his junior year. As his mom, I was pretty clueless about the process. I had met Bonnie at a college fair at the public high school and then was referred by a friend who used her which is why we hired her.
My advice to anyone considering such services is to have realistic expectations of what the service will include.
For my son, he and Bonnie has a great connection and Bonnie was able to really find his strengths and help him to focus on those when it came to his essays. Bonnie has a gift of seeing a student’s strengths and building on them. Also, a great recommendation was to find a summer program at a college which offered a program in my son’s area of interest.
Tho I won’t be hiring her again for my son heading into his sophomore year, I will certainly use some of the tips we learned.
There were some commitments made which were not followed through on, and the voluminous email blasts with endless information were clumsy, and lacked a personal touch. There was a lack of professionalism which was surprising considering the steep fee in excess of $5k.
Keep your expectations in check. Do not expect much one on one for your student. But if you are like I was with very little experience or knowledge about the process, I believe Bonnie can be helpful. Consider hiring her as early as freshman year of high school. I believe the fee is the same and Bonnie can give guidance on class selection.
Fortunately for us, my son got his desired result.
Wishing the best for all of you!