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Boca Raton Apartments: Crystal Palms Apartments in Boca Raton, FL includes a heated swimming pool, fitness center, tennis courts. Pet friendly!

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Tim Dunn March 2, 2021 3:20 pm

We moved here about a year ago from Palms of Boca Del Mar, about a half mile down the road. Kicking myself that we didn’t make the move earlier.. literally almost double the square footage for the exact same price, very community friendly, neighbors are all super nice. My one (very mild) complaint was parking, and it seems they are starting up a system to help that along.. I see myself living here until it’s time to purchase a home. 😎

Talia Friedman February 21, 2021 11:34 am

Crystal Palms has been great for my family. The maintenance crew comes in a timely manner and overall the unit is spacious and the grounds are well kept. My only complaint is the kitchen. The layout isn’t well thought out and the oven is kind of older. For my purposes it works well though and we’re happy we came!

Joe Info November 25, 2020 1:35 pm

I tried calling them like 20 times and they never answer the phone. Pretty big red flag IMO

Scott Moats April 30, 2019 7:33 am

Wanted to set up a tour for their 1BR/1 Bath Alameda, which also has a large den that can be utilized as a second bedroom. My wife and I are moving down with our 7 month old (the den would’ve worked great as a nursery) but was denied a tour of it because some silly law states “that there’s a 2 bedroom minimum requirement for 3 people”??? The den is 13’4×12’10 with a door – that is MUCH more needed space than we’d need for my daughter’s nursery…
But after reading rodent/roach reviews maybe it’s for the better…

Emily Spoor April 23, 2018 3:16 am

I have lived here in a first floor 3/2 for a year and my lease is up I about a month. I will be relocating for several reasons. My main complaint is about the bugs in my apartment, specifically the master bedroom and bathroom. We have had spiders and roaches since day one and the exterminator has come multiple times, but the problem was never solved. The building is not sealed well so the insects crawl in through the tiny cracks coming from the outside. Congratulations to Crystal Palms for holding the record for the biggest cockroach ever seen! Some other complaints include difficult parking, rude office staff, and noisy neighbors. Parking during the day is usually fine, but if you come home past 8 pm any day of the week… good luck finding a spot. However, they have never once put a sticker or boot on my car. When I first signed my lease, Luz was the staff member who handled everything and she was horribly rude. She had zero customer service skills… which I guess is why she doesn’t work there anymore. My upstairs neighbors were terribly loud. When I first moved in, I knocked on their door and politely asked them to keep it down, which did not happened. I heard footsteps at all hours of the day and night. On the better side of things, the location is perfect, I witnessed no crime during my time there, the price was good, and the maintenance crew was pretty quick and efficient. In a nutshell, do not live here if you’re squeamish about bugs and like a reliable parking situation. Definitely not a permanent home, but it was fine temporarily.