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Keith Halpin November 9, 2020 1:26 am

Great store. Always in stock on sale items. Wish all CVS locations were like this one. Thank you CVS!

Deidra Zussman December 11, 2019 9:38 pm

They’re usually not the worst cvs in the world, their pick up window works if it’s not crazy slow, but I’m currently on hold for the pharmacist for 15 min, I talked to the computer and now I’m just sitting here trying to see if cvs will give me my sons life saving asthma medication. Something is seriously wrong with their telephone system.

Belle&Les Lee April 13, 2019 10:35 pm

My warning is about the attitude of the front staff and the rest rooms. I’ve been in here a few times when on this side of town (my normal CVS is off Jog). Mid day today, I went in to make about $50+ in purchases and decided to first use the rest room (which are in the back of the store) – to my surprise the sign on the restroom door said you had to get a key from the front. I walked up front and was given a key that was zip tied to a shoebox size inventory basket. Gruffly told ‘And don’t lose it!’ – was that a joke? The look from the clerk didn’t say it was.

Then, I walked back and tried to open the door to the bathroom with the big basket tied to it (not the easiest task). Fumbled but got in and… the rest room was terribly unclean. I just left – the rest room and the store.

Maybe I expect too much but at minimum if you are gonna security lock the rest rooms and require front staff to provide key access to the back of store bathrooms, you’d think such limited access would at least mean clean rest rooms. And, the front counter guy was no nicer on my way out.

I love CVS but won’t be back to this one. Btw, went down a mile or so to Walgreens and bought what I needed.

Kelvin Jonas November 28, 2018 11:41 pm

My wife was treated very poorly by the older male pharmacist on shift at this store this evening 11/28/18. She had a question about a medication that was bought and the pharmacist was very rude, rolled his eyes at her and made her feel horrible. We live near by and go to this cvs often. To anybody reading this i would recommend going to the Walgreens on Spanish river and us 1 near by, this store clearly
does not value customer service.

Lolo Larue July 25, 2016 2:18 pm

I was treated so poorly here. Even my doctor who called in while I was waiting had NOTHING good to say. He waited on hold for 20 minutes… when it wasn’t busy at 9pm at night. He eventually had me have them call him back as his previous message with the description was dismissed. The ordeal took 45 mins of just trying to get them to answer the phone. When I got upset because my doctor was doing a favor, they made me wait longer. It took 2 hours before I was done. The rude lady was smart enough to tear off the bottom part where the actual survey number was because she knew she wasn’t doing the job she was paid to do. I would NEVER have her working at my company. When you put people like that in a power/control position. They abuse it. And SHE did. Just RUDE. The other two people working seemed to want to help me but she stopped them and they had no control. They apologized to me though. When I tell a pharmacy that I’m having the doctor call again, because the message he previously left was dismissed…. THEN ANSWER THE PHONE. I’m RIGHT there. Nobody is in line. Just me!