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SBF Esq September 22, 2020 3:40 pm

After 45 years of medical consults across the country, including 10 years of concierge medical care, I met Dr. Rosenberg. Although I have been away from his locale and consultation 5+ years now, there is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Rosenberg is among the top physicians in his fields, period. His professional demeanor, subject matter expertise, office resources, staff, and medical protocols, including his line of supplements, all attest to his personal care and attention for each patient throughout the healing process, right up to the point of complete health and wholeness. You may find a similar, but not better physician. Hands down – he is the best.

Soyona Rafatjah July 28, 2020 4:42 pm

As an Integrative Medical Doctor myself, it’s very important that I consult exceptionally knowledgable physicians for my care and the care of my family. I consulted with Dr. Rosenberg about my mother’s cancer diagnosis. He is one of the most well-researched doctors in the country treating cancer with integrative approaches, and I fully trust his opinion. As for the cost, the treatments that he delivers seem expensive because they are not covered by insurance. If cancer drugs were not covered, they would cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, insurance companies only pay for pharmaceutical treatments, so we have to accept that this type of care will cost us more out-of-pocket, although totally worth it in my opinion, until something major changes in our healthcare system.

TP October 15, 2019 3:02 pm

Absolutely fantastic- the office staff is so kind & Dr Rosenberg always hears the patients concerns. He works with and along side them as well as the families of those dx with cancer, not just barking orders with a closed mind.

Susan M July 19, 2019 1:44 am

I would advise anyone with a stage three or four cancer to think twice before undergoing treatment with Dr. Rosenberg. He may be knowledgeable and well-meaning, but in my experience his treatments were ineffective. He promised he could give my husband two years to live, but my spouse died less than six months after treatment began. The treatment cost a small fortune and gave us false hope. Three years later, I still feel upset and guilty that we did not take a more traditional route.

Nelly February 6, 2019 6:59 pm

Very disappointed. I chose to work with Dr. Rosenberg because of his approach to treating patients with late stage cancer. After paying my $475 to have a phone consultation, he gives me a background in his work as doctor. I then explain my health situation to him. He then begins to tell me how expensive his services are. I didn’t expect them to be cheap or fully covered by insurance because of his approach to treating cancer. He prescribed a bunch of blood work which I went to take care of promptly. I patiently waited to be contacted to let me know what my insurance benefits would and would not cover. I finally called the office to find out what was the delay. I was told there was a delay with response from the insurance company. I was ready to start my treatments because I understood that a constant delay is detrimental to my health. I then asked to speak to doctor Rosenberg. I couldn’t speak to him that day because he was with a patient. He told the office manager to tell me how expensive it would be to work with him and maybe I should get a regular oncologist. I finally got to speak with him on another phone consultation where he just said that it would be best that I get a regular oncologist and I can work with him after maybe three months. I find this whole situation to be disrespectful. I was dragged along since January 2019 when doctor Rosenberg knew that he did not want to work with me from the beginning. For whatever reason, I guess he concluded that my socioeconomic background didn’t fit his clientele. They have a great website that convinces you to come one come all. When it all boils down to it I guess you have to be a part of the chosen elite to solicit the services he has to offer.