6070 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33487, USA

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Barbara K Iverson March 13, 2021 5:47 pm

New store is a bit neater than the old one.

MR January 12, 2021 9:16 pm

Great people who run it! Nice variety of furniture

Michele Tucker September 5, 2020 5:50 pm

Found a beautiful chair! Virginia was really helpful and pleasant! Great prices.

Gina Sorbo February 19, 2020 12:02 am

STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU ENJOY BEING LIED TO! I bought furniture from this company in November. I used them because i only needed the furniture for a couple months and they assured me they would buy it back in a couple months. The salesman assured me they buy back the furniture for 20-30% of what I paid. Just recently, I made an appointment for them to come look at the furniture to buy back. When they came here, they told me they would not buy it back because “the couch was lumpy” the chair was “dated” and the end table was “worn.” Keep in mind, I’ve only owned the furniture for 3 months and the condition hasn’t changed. I then called the manager who told me they didn’t have enough storage for my furniture. I then spoke to the owner who was extremely rude and abrupt and wouldn’t help me.

Don’t make the same mistake I did buying from this company. They will lie to you and tell you they will buy back your furniture but ultimately will not.

Karen Mueller January 29, 2020 7:09 pm

Of their 5 stores, I like this one the best. If you checked out my place you’d see almost all of my furniture came from there. And the pieces that didn’t… Well someday they’ll be replaced. Great customer service. Love their fast delivery and if you have something to sell, they’ll pay you cash on the spot IF they want it. See Andrew. He’s the greatest.