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Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers flexible & convenient car rental backed by our Complete Clean Pledge at Boca Raton NW 3rd St. branch. Reserve your car today!

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Alexander Bletel February 23, 2021 7:59 pm

Had a reservation for Sunday 10 am of a full size car. The branch called me the day before to confirm my reservation. On the day of the reservation I got an early morning call that the car is not going to be ready by the time of the reservation and that I will get a call when the car is ready. 2 hours after the reservation time I tried calling the branch to get better understating and after holding on the line for 2 hours ( it hangs up the phone after 15 minutes, so this took multiple attempts ) I was told that there will be no car for me today, maybe tomorrow.
Horrible experience if you are traveling from out of town and expecting to rent a car just don’t do it here!!!!!


I arrived the following day without contacting the branch and saw a car parked outside. I asked to be given that car. The branch manager was busy and could not talk to me so one of the people in the branch gave me the car with a $3 discount even though I took it for less days and had to use car service meanwhile. After talking to the person and she went back and forth to the back office she gave me a discount ( deleted my original reservation and created a new one with cheaper rate so that I will not need to pay for the drop charge ( $75 discount as I was dropping off in the airport ) Spent more than an hour in the branch with all this back and forth.

As I spent so much time on the phone and in the branch I did not look at the contract too closely and assumed that it would be the same as the original. On the day of the drop off I noticed that the new contract stated that my drop off should be in the branch.

I drove to the branch ( as I knew calling will not be useful) and after waiting in line I was told that they can’t change the reservation and a note will be added to the reservation. The surprise I had when dropping the car and the gentlemen told me I have a bill higher than I was expecting because of the drop off fee.

I had to call the branch again after my vacation was over and talk to then, as per the customer service girl she did see the note and took the fee off the bill, and told me to talk to the manager as he was not in, to call another day.

I have rented with Enterprise multiple times in multiple countries and I have never had such bad experience with a branch and the service it provided, spent multiple hours on the phone and in person talking to the branch people and this is not over yet.

Sent this to the email provided below by the customer care people and will update.

Update few days later:
Got email reply from Enterprise customer support that some one will contact me shortly.
The regional manager called me the same day and apologized. He offer to compensate me for the bad experience and made me a happy customer again!

Thank you.

John Nixon February 17, 2021 12:49 pm

After an accident, my insurance company sent to Enterprise. No complaints about the staff or the process – they get five stars. The makeshift waiting area outside is covered by a canopy that is full of holes thus, every chair is covered by water. Second time I was there and it is ridiculous that this has not been replaced. Not even a garbage can available. The car provided had fabric seats that were probably the most stained of any car I have ever rented. You can tell me that the car was sanitized but the seats were stained to the point, I would question the sanitary aspect of the car. Also the first car I can remember renting that, while new, did not have a key fob. No biggie but not the overall experience of product I’d expect from Enterprise.

Liam Cussen September 14, 2020 1:29 am

Super friendly super helpful as always

Paul Rados July 28, 2020 1:10 pm

Service and pricing best in the area! I reserved a small SUV and when I got there, they gave me a free upgrade. I didn’t know how much I would appreciate until I started my 18 hour trip! Thanks to all the staff for making it a friendly and safe experience.

Alejandro Sanchez June 30, 2020 2:20 pm

Service was very good, especially during these times of coronavirus. I had an uncertain schedule and had to drop off at a different location and before plan. It went smoothly.

I found friendly, knowledgeable staff on the phone and at the two locations I visited. They were following CDC protocols.

The car, on the other hand, should have been much better. It had minor dents and scratches outside… totally understandable. But it was dirty overall and there was a burnt mark on the back seat. Also the brakes were a little worn (or unresponsive)