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Thank you for visiting our website! Florida Atlantic University’s Parking and Transportation Services provides a variety of campus services including the campus shuttle bus on the Boca Raton campus, charter bus services for University departments, and parking management and enforcement.

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Lillian Wonpat February 17, 2021 11:09 pm

I’m honestly too afraid to disclose my issues with this but FAU really needs to get rid of the parking services. They are hurting students and faculty during this difficult time and it’s really unfair…

Rebecca M. August 24, 2020 6:28 pm

You folks should probably update your map so that it reflects what your signs say. The lots marked as Blue on the map all have Red signs, and vice versa. When I called to ask for clarification, the representative kept saying the same thing, “look for the signs that say Blue.” I tried to explain that the Blue lot in which I was trying to park had ONLY Red Permit signs, but she just continued repeating the same statement as above. Ridiculous runaround, really.

Jewel Van Orden November 18, 2019 7:04 pm

My total 3 years of living on FAU campus I have received 5 parking tickets totaling $100. I have only attempted to appeal 2 out of those 5. Both of those separate appeals got denied.

The first case I tried to appeal I received it my freshmen year because I parked in the red area and not the green residential area, which I was only a line of cars away from being in the green. I had no idea where to park to begin with. Aside from this it was a warning because it was my first ticket, but I did not attend my car for around 2-3 days and ending up getting another citation. When I finally got to my car I had 2 citations, one was a warning and another was a real $25 ticket. Lol why would you issue a warning if I never got a chance to see it? Both the citations were issued by the SAME OFFICER.

The second appeal I filed with one of my tickets, but got denied was for parking in the PBS parking lot in front of my apartment complex. When I first moved in the people at front desk in my building told me I could park there during certain times and days of the week. I got a ticket for it, I tried appealing it explaining I was misinformed and it was a mistake. Still was not approved.

Anyways, they hardly ever appeal a citation. Becareful where you park the tickets are expensive and they are not forgiving for any circumstances.

Dianelys Rodriguez Verona October 4, 2019 3:30 pm

If there were zero stars thats what I would rate. They make everything super complicated and intense to issue more citations to students who just attend FAU to further purse their education not receive citations. Before the start of semester I email them to make sure I purchased my permit correctly to avoid citations and they emailed me (weeks later) nothing helpful. I called them (after receiving a citation) for clarity and received a horrible response. A very rude, sarcastic individual answered my call and when ever I asked how to fix my issue she would just say “follow what it says on your computer”. FAU parking and transportation is HORRIBLE.

Brittany Lara August 5, 2019 4:00 pm

Wish I could express how frustrating it is to deal with the parking department. The few people I’ve met have been helpful but the department is not responsive via telephone or email. I contested a citation from the original switch over from decals to license plate scanners, never heard back until months after I graduated after diligently following up with them in order to find out the status of my appeal. Then received a final notice in the mail. So frustrating, I wish they were more responsive and quicker to act with appeals. From ticket date of Oct. 2018 to graduation in Dec. 2018 no resolution. Now in August of 2019 I received the FIRST piece of mail which was a “final notice”.