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The Florence Fuller Child Development Centers provides quality childcare and early education programs as well as family support programs.

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Kaye Hamilton-Smith January 28, 2020 3:34 pm

I love this place! The teachers are wonderful! They love the kids and help them get ready for KG. I am continually amazed how one teacher can control 18 kids better than one Mom can control one kid in Starbucks!

Mykiel Anonymous August 10, 2019 12:34 am

I dropped off an application at the east location since July 19th 2019 with all of the required documents attached. I go in July 26th to bring in the lunch application, my child’s application could not be found.. was told I would be called first thing on Monday July 29th, I was never contacted until I decided to call and after looking they found the application and told me that everything should be set to go for August 12th 2019, the first day of school.. when I asked who the teacher was and which classroom to bring my son into ,i was told that i would be called again no later than Wednesday July 31st. After never receiving a phone call, I decided to go to the school at 10am on Friday July 9th to find out if my son is actually all set for Monday August 12th to avoid getting him ready for school and be on my way to work and to find out that he cannot attend. I was than told again to come back on that same Friday the 9th to the center to get an answer since she was about to leave and was told by her that she would be working till 6pm that day… this was also said with a guaranteed response by the way.. lol. so its 3pm I called her extension 3 times, after 3 ring on all calls, I get sent to voicemail. I than called the front desk and explained my situation, my call was picked up by Linda, who than placed me on hold for more than 20mins and later picked up the phone and said that she has passed my inquiries along and the representative would reach out to me TODAY: the exact day of this review before they close with the response that I need for Monday August 12th.. hours passed by and I received no call from anyone ONCE AGAIN. WHERE IS THE PROFESSIONALISM BRHIND THIS CENTER? WHO IS RUNNING THIS MAD HOUSE? SO MANY CENTERS ARE BEGGING FOR KIDS TO BE ENROLLED MEANWHILE, YOU GET A PRIVATE PAY PARENT WHO IS WILLING TO ENROLL THERE CHILD TO YOUR CENTER ONLY BECAUSE SHE WORKS 10MINS FROM YOUR CENTER, YOU ARE REFUSING AN APPLICANT? IF THIS IS HOW THINGS ARE RUN, WHAT DOES THIS TELL ME AS A PARENT ABOUT THE OTHER STAFF MEMBERS OR THE “TEACHERS” THAT ARE IN THE CLASSROOMS.. MOST IMPORTANTLY. WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT WHEN THE KIDS ARE TAKEN ON FIELD TRIPS? WILL MY SON BE LEFT IN A HOT CAR AND BE FORGOTTEN ABOUT BECAUSE OF CARELESS ACTS? THIS TRULY MAKES ME QUESTION THE CARE BEHIND THIS CENTER… IT IS NOW, FRIDAY 9TH AT 8:32PM AND I STILL DO NOT KNOW IF I SHOULD CALL OFF OF WORK TO STAY HOME WITH MY SON OR BRING HIM TO SCHOOL AND HEAD TO WORK AFTERWARDS…. I HOPE YOU ALL GOT A BETTER FIRST OFF EXPERIENCE THAN I RECEIVED FROM LERANDRA AND LINDA AT FLORENCE EAST

angelasharris2791 September 22, 2018 9:41 pm

Visited Florence Fuller today as a part of Junior League Boca Raton event. What a great mission and values – I was really impressed!

Veronica Carvalho May 23, 2018 2:23 pm

I love this school.

Jil Oz February 17, 2018 6:58 pm

So very disappointed this school year as we had looked forward to our child graduating from the program. Staffed at the minimally required standards and it is not unusual for them to have 1 staff person in a classroom with 20 children. Teachers are stressed and this is evident with their interactions, or lack thereof, with children and parents. They have such a waiting list that they aren’t interested in taking the time to work with students that may require additional attention. The support services (play therapists, social workers and counselors) are great but if there is no follow through by the classroom staff it’s a recipe for failure. The playground gates are most often unlatched providing an elopement opportunity for children. Safety needs to be paramount. We were happy with the program for the babies, toddlers and 3 years old but this year has been a disaster. The Program started with an understaffed situation, they mandate that 4 year old plus children take 2 hour naps because that’s their “break time” and be prepared for up to 10 pages of homework weekly in the VPK program. Most programs incorporate “homework” within the classroom setting but not here. You will need to be involved and advocate for your child. Be prepared at pick up time having to search for your child as frequently they are not in the assigned classroom and there is no notice directing you to where they are. The philanthropy for this school should be recognized and during the holiday season children are overwhelmed with toys and even great footwear. Social services always has tremendous diaper supplies should you be in need and “rewards” for children that may need something extra. With all of the funding, grants and generous support from local businesses more needs to be invested in better leadership, teachers and assistants. There are some great people there but unfortunately not enough. My comments are not “sour grapes” as I have been a professional in this community for almost 40 years but rather from direct observation and interaction. I suppose ultimately it depends on what your level of expectation is.