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Florida Primary & Specialty Care in Boca Raton offers specialized medical care solutions for the entire family to optimize your health and wellness.

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James March 7, 2021 11:59 am

I have Florida Blue insurance which allows one free physical per year. The physical was your standard physical and everything went well. After the check up was over I go to the front desk and they tell I’ll get my results back for my blood work in 2 weeks. They told me the doctor will call me. What they didn’t tell me is they will charge me for an office visit to get my results back from my physical. They charged my insurance for a two minute phone call to tell me I’m fine plus a $35 dollar copay. Don’t recommend this doctor to be shaken down when every other doctor I had gave the results free with your routine physical.

Becca Peters February 5, 2021 6:22 pm

I really contemplated not writing a review, but I think it’s the right thing to do. I am new to the area, but have been diagnosed and prescribed the same medicine for almost 8 years now. I knew my first visit to a new doctor would be an uncomfortable experience, it was the last time I moved to a new city, but this was worse than I ever imagined. I left in tears… . After an hour wait, I was finally led into a room. They decided I needed an EKG, blood work, a “focus” test and a urine test. I felt like they were just after money from my insurance and me the entire time. I wasn’t the only one who was upset while I was there, another lady was telling the front desk she had to go and didn’t expect to be there for so long to do so many tests and blood work. They said I didn’t have to do all of those tests and could come back later, but couldn’t leave with my prescription until I got the rest of the tests done, but I wasn’t about to come back to waste my time again and be charged for another office visit. The biggest thing I had a problem with was the “focus” test because I have a note from a Psychologist diagnosing my condition and I had taken my medication that morning, so how did it really test my actual abilities, it wasn’t even nearly as in depth as the test I had done previously and they tried to keep my paperwork (the only copy I have) in their file and I had to ask for it back before I left, which made me very uncomfortable. And finally, not only was this visit horrible, because my prescription can only be written monthly, they are making me come back for another visit in a month which means another co-pay. My last doctor wrote me 3 scripts with different dates so I only had to see him 4 times a year and my doctor before him just asked me to come in once a month to get my script, no one has EVER charged me for an appointment every single month, that’s crazy! Needless to say, I hate to “doctor hop” because I really try to stay with the doctor I found, but I will not be going back there. I can’t afford to not get my prescription because I need it to do my job, but I also can’t afford to go back every single month. PS the doctor and the staff were friendly if that makes up for anything, but I felt more like I was at a used car dealership than a doctor’s office. I appreciate precautions, but felt this was to the extreme and unnecessary all at once.

Nicole John Maglio January 26, 2021 4:02 pm

My first appointment and I sat for an hour in the waiting area. I have no idea why the doctor has positive reviews. If I treated my clients like this I wouldn’t have any customers left.

jrhoyt0895 December 30, 2020 6:18 pm

I visited Dr. Lipson for help with weight loss. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the support I needed from him or his staff after repeated attempts. He prescribes weight loss pills that make me feel sick when I first go on them, and then lets the supply run out every 30 days, making me go off and back on the medicine repeatedly, which makes me feel even sicker. I asked the staff, and even Dr. Lipson directly, for help with this issue. Could Dr. Lipson prescribe something else? No. Could the office staff proactively manage my prescription by calling in refills before I run out? No.

Stephanie Huff August 30, 2020 8:57 pm

Amazing and so helpful. It’s been along time since I’ve gone to a Dr’s office and didn’t feel like i was just another payment. They took their time to help me work threw my insurance info and the Dr. Even came and introduced his self while I was working threw my issue so personal and friendly 🙃