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Bridal bouquet preservation and memorial flower preservation by Freeze drying. Keepsakes custom made in any size. Call Forever Flowers at (561) 367-0977.

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Lindsey Burdette January 31, 2021 6:36 pm

I would not recommend this company to any bride or person looking for a shadow box. Before receiving the shadow box, I had a very hard time contacting them and communicating with the company. It was too late because I sent my flowers and deposit….I just received my shadow box from them though. Unfortunately, they had the whole box upside down! If I was to hang the shadow box on the wall the way I received it, my bouquet and wedding invitation, etc. would all be upside down. The box itself was chipped in two places as well. When I contacted them about it they told me that it was the first time this ever happened and “I had to fix it myself.” Whether it is easy to fix it not, the product I paid for was VERY expensive and this should have been handled better.

Ashley Osterdyk January 20, 2021 12:52 am

The product I received looks nothing like my bouquet. I am so beyond upset with what I received vs what I was told the presentation would look like. Told it would be tied back with wire, and instead I can actually see the styrofoam everything was glued into. Hot pink flowers are in my bouquet display when there never were any hot pink flowers on my wedding day. The display isn’t even centered with one side looking incredibly flat and lopsided and the other looking full. Save your money and go elsewhere, otherwise your $600 investment will be worthy of going in the top of a closet never to be seen again. I was so excited to display these and now my wedding bouquet was literally ruined, and there’s even pieces of the flowers loose in the case that can’t even be removed.

Edited to include that the case wasn’t even completely stained and the backing is falling off. Also discovered more places where you can see the styrofoam, there’s also several places you can see glue strings.

Rich Charette January 7, 2021 6:19 pm

worst service ever, not to mention flowers this expensive should last more than two days. owner should be ashamed of this company

ZMF157 gaming January 17, 2020 1:14 am

My experience with Forever Flowers exceeded all expectations. My husband and I had our 5 year vow renewal in June of 2019. It was in all honesty our actual wedding since we initially couldnt afford one back in 2014 and wed in a very small ceremony with just our children. I wanted to find a way to incorporate keepsakes from both since it represented a milestone in our lives. Judy was so helpful. I appreciated her suggestions and welcomed her expertise. She was even kind enough to meet with me a second time when I wanted to review my order. She called me after processing to update me on the status of my flowers and gave me options for substitutions. I picked up my order today and was speechless. It was absolutely stunning. I am so looking forward to having this in my living room for years to come. I would highly recommend them for any floral custom framing keepsake needs.

Jessica Von Voigt February 3, 2019 2:38 pm

Absolutely prefect!!! Forever Flowers did such an amazing job! My sister lost her flowers the night of her wedding so a year later I reordered her bouquet and had them preserved! From the very beginning working with forever Flowers was a joy. They added their input and i am so glad they did! The shadow box is so wonderful! Thank you!!! I cannot wait to see the final product for my bouquet!