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Vivaan Gaines March 17, 2021 5:36 pm

I adore this restaurant very much. It has a very nice ambiance. The cuisine is good. the service is dynamic and the stuff is trained. The price is decent. I definitely recommend.

Tobias Farelo March 16, 2021 9:55 pm

Very nice place nice staff. The food it fresh and clean I recommend this place. Hope you enjoy!

stanley jasne March 7, 2021 4:13 pm

We ate at the farmhouse kitchen in Boca Friday evening on the 5th of March and overall were extremely disappointed.
We had a party of 8 and were seated outside. The area was extremely loud and it was difficult to have a conversation. Social distancing was not observed.
The kitchen and service was unacceptable. After waiting and inordinate amount of time for the main dishes they came out two at a time. Each server had to go around the table asking whose dinner this was.
My wife and I never received our meals. After almost everyone had finished their meals, my dinner came out cold. I returned it and did not receive it again. We still had to wait for my wife’s salmon while everyone else had completed their dinners. It eventually showed up but by that time we lost our appetites. (Wound up having Dunkin Donuts on the way home at 10PM.)
Every time I spoke to the manager (at least three times) he agreed that this was unacceptable but he could not figure out how to get ours meals out on time and not luke warm.
Another one of our party ordered the steak. He received sweet potato fries and wanted to return the vegetable for another one. The replacement vegetable finally came after he finished his meal.
Although they comped our two meals, they tried to make a big deal out of it even though this was the very least that they could do.
Certainly would not recommend this establishment.

britney kendrick February 21, 2021 4:23 pm

I’ve been going to Gary’s for almost 2 years now and LOVED IT. I love the food, the drinks, the ambience and the friendliness & professionalism of the staff.
But I visited last night and was very disappointed in a couple of things. (1) When I received my bill there was a charge titled “d-operations”. When I asked the waiter what it was, he vaguely explained that it was a charge for COVID testing for the staff. I am very confused as to why the patrons are paying for their staff to get COVID tested. It’s frustrating because Gary’s prices are already pricey (which I deal with), but then you want to charge us for COVID testing. I know no other restaurant that’s doing this. What was even worse is that it was never mentioned. He simple brought the check and I guess expected that I wouldn’t notice. NOT OKAY!
(2) I am 5 months pregnant so I ordered a blueberry cocktail that of course was “virgin”. When I received the check I was charged the full $16 for soda water, blueberries and lemon. When I asked the waiter why I would be charged the same for a “virgin” drink, he simply said “yes”. Everyone knows that alcohol is the most expensive part, so why would you charge full price for a drink WITHOUT the Grey Goose.
I didn’t make a fuss, but needless to say I am very reluctant to return. This was my favorite spot, so I’m very disappointed.

M M Gardner February 21, 2021 4:00 am

Had a delicious dinner outside on patio. Food was good and service was good. The steak medallions were cooked properly and tasted excellent.
Parking remains an issue but on Saturday night it was expected….