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Go Solar Power is a Tesla Solar Roof and Power Wall Certified Fully Licensed Electrical Roofing & Building Contractor with A+ BBB ratings & 5 star Reviews,

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Milton Sheen March 17, 2021 9:28 pm

I did a lot of research on Solar Companies and having it installed and we ended up going with Go-Solar. I will have to say we don’t regret this at all, they are very professional, did every single thing they promised, held to their pricing on the quote and best of all we don’t have no electric bill anymore. We had them install a 14 Kilowatt System with 2 Tesla Powerwalls. Our System well produces enough to well cover all of our electric and the Powerwall is the best Battery Backup System on the Market. I highly recommend Go Solar you won’t go wrong with this company.

Javier Castillo February 20, 2021 2:27 am

Go Solar Power is a serious company, they have professional experience employees that knows what they are doing, also they worked at a fast pace in less than 2 month I had my solar panels working without any interruption in my energy. Also they didn’t damage my roof. Excellent experience I highly recommend them to anyone. Go Solar.

Mike Scott February 8, 2021 7:36 pm

Top notch group. From the owner, to the engineering team, down to the installers, Go Solar Power gets 5 stars. I highly recommend this company if you are strongly considering a Solar and or Battery back up installation. The sales staff and even the owner were highly involved with making sure I was completely satisfied and comfortable with the project. Installation was very professional and looks great. 1st months production was spot on.

Keith Vinson January 27, 2021 8:03 am

I personally do not recommend using go solar this is my opinion we was told I ga power bill would be a certain number and it hasn’t ever been as low as they said it would be I believe they tell you whatever you need to hear to make a sale ..and when we had some issues with things the owner just says that we just like to complain..well call it complaining if you like I just like someone to be honest and I don’t think you will get it with this company. solar may be the way to go just not with this co…if there was zero stars that would be what I would give now the owner replies he gave me money for my roof which is true but only because they damaged it and about it producing what it’s supposed don’t think so and his people say my power usage hasn’t increased now let’s get to this big lie you have never given me a cent to make a loan payment on this solar I have never ever yet again more dishonesty so again in my opinion don’t use this company if you want solar I don’t think you will be happy but if you do use them I hope you have a better experience than us

Howard Claussen December 16, 2020 3:41 pm

I contracted with the Company in July, had the solar panels installed in August and the Tesla Power Walls installed in early December, a week ahead of schedule. The length of time to install the entire project was controlled by Tesla due to demand for their batter systems. They take a LONG time to get, but are worth it. These people know there business and I highly recommend them. Responsive and the key, HONEST. Everything I was told from schedules to product to performance was spot on. I personally could not ask for anything beyond that.