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Addiciton Recovery. Trauma Treatment. Christian addiction treatment services in a highly successful atmosphere. We do recover. You can be free.

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Joseph W February 19, 2020 3:25 am

This is a great facility, you will learn a lot of things through this program and I don’t think you will ever forget it. The facility staff honestly and genuinely care about you and you will have some great memories if you are being involved with the program and listen and learn to what they have to say. I was here for about 3 months I think I have turned my life in a positive direction, I’m at the place in my life where I needed it and it was for the better. I also loved how it is a faith based program.

jeff lupinacci September 2, 2019 5:51 pm

Gracious Care Recovery Solutions has made a great change in the life of my Stepson. We didn’t know how to help him with his addition. We tried many other locations, but they didn’t seem to help; and he fell back into the darkness that was his addicted life. We knew that the help of God was needed to overcome this evil.
The people at Gracious Care had the knowledge and ability to reach him, and help him overcome the hell he was living in.
He has been clean and sober for five years now, and every day he has to make the decision and effort to maintain his new life. We continue to pray for him and give thanks to God for his recovery, which was not possible until he made it to Gracious Care Recovery Solutions.
If you are facing a similar problem yourself or you have a loved one that has an addition problem, know that your life is worth living. A clean and sober new life will bring you back to a happy, joyful and productive life. It isn’t a bad thing to ask for help, let Gracious Care help you -You will be glad you did.
God bless you and strengthen you as you look for help!

David Moore June 10, 2019 1:57 pm

I arrived at Gracious Care in the Spring of 2019, without a healthy place to live, in total need of mental health treatment, and some addiction issues to really work on. I had no means to achieve even one of these issues on my own. I learned of Gracious Care from a peer I knew from a past treatment location. He mentioned it on the heels of having found me in a dangerous living situation while in intensive-outpatient care elsewhere. The combination of odds I faced gave me no better options than relapse. So I called my friend to ask for help.

My friend got me connected and came through praising Gracious Care for its positive environment and impact on his road to recovery. Long story longer, I found myself in an unexpectedly comforting residential accommodation and clinical center. But most important was the level of commitment by the staff; techs, case management, administration, finance department, and therapists. It’s a welcoming tight-knit crew of people that will bring care to the client, which includes practical skills to self-advocate. By these means, the client is held accountable to advocate for themselves and own their respective road to recovery and their personal story.

The services that I received, in addition to group and one-on-one therapy, was Brain Mapping. It helps the client identify some key indicators of what’s going on physically in the brain. It provides evidence, if you will, for the necessary work in private therapy sessions. Each Monday consisted of a visit to a farm. There I got to meet caring owners who specifically love providing therapy through the practice of trust, care, and connection between clients and typical farm animals. From time-to-time, there were opportunities for allergy testing too.

Now, there is not a treatment center that is perfect on all fronts. Gracious Care is a great place built on a faith-based practice. From its lowest tech to the head of the organization, the collective family-like openness demonstrates that they work to bend the moral arc of the universe toward the lost, the sick, and the suffering.

It is a place of second chances, with staff who are experienced in having been afforded second chances of their own. Hence, the name, Gracious Care. Their grace reaches farther, works harder, and suffers long, to even run after the one client who is struggling the most. But they cannot do everything for everyone at all times.

So, I kindly encourage any and all alumni to come through to help existing clients through their personal story. Alumni can help current clients to find themselves in stories like mine to paths beyond their own hurt and into the reality of breakthrough.

“Get clean. Live Free.”


Justin Burns June 7, 2019 1:26 pm

There is no better way to measure the effectiveness of this program than by hearing positive drug rehab reviews from former clients and graduates. This facilitie views their success in terms of families reunited and lives saved, and this is accomplished by offering clients a program that can be customized to encompass all of their unique needs.

With a sincere desire to become drug-free, combined with the expertise of the facility, clients graduate and begin living life on their terms. As they begin to reclaim their place in society, applying the skills and tools gained in treatment will provide the confidence needed to face obstacles head-on, and with each new victory, they become even more empowered to remain in control of the path they take in life.

This program is based on love respect and support from each one of the staff. They go above and beyond to ensure everything that you may need is taken care of so you can focus on regaining your life and your relationship with God.

Kristian Leal June 5, 2019 3:13 pm

I attended Gracious Care in September and October 2018. As a Registered Nurse who has spent 3 years working in treatment, prior to needing treatment himself, I can say that I have never seen a staff that demonstrates more compassion and professionalism than the folks here. The staff from the therapists, to the BHTs, to the psychologists take a vested interest in the growth and health of their clients. The facilities are top notch, but that can be found elsewhere. What sets them apart is the demonstrated compassion and sense of community that they foster. From facility wide dinners and activities, to a strong alumni network, they are miles ahead of any treatment center I have worked at or heard of.