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Barbara Hinds June 26, 2015 3:48 am

I have been doing personal training with Ken and HealthQuest Fitness & Therapy for several years now! I am eternally grateful as not only has he helped me reach fitness goals and lose 80 lbs over the past year, he has helped me recover from multiple reconstructive surgeries from Breast cancer over the past few years, Rheumatoid arthritis flare ups, and most recently mounting knee problems. I work out twice weekly and its never the same routine, never the same equipment, he challenges my whole body which has pushed me to new heights! Workouts are never boring. He also pushes me harder when I don’t always want to push myself…which has now made me push myself even harder at times….asking for even more weight on the dumbells in some cases LOL. He doesn’t know this…I had someone recently ask me about training with the same trainer all this time…..they asked “didn’t you learn everything yet? don’t you get bored with him showing you the same stuff all the time?” So I explained what training has really meant to me…and done for me….and how Ken..and Healthquest stand apart from any other Personal Trainers I know. I would highly recommend them for someone looking to get into better shape, for massage therapy, and also for assisted stretching… over the course of time…I have use some of all of those services. Also if people are considering Personal Training but have medical issues/concerns, Don’t let that stop you either…I am proof positive of that and Ken will work with you!! Definitely Consider Giving HealthQuest Fitness and Therapy a try….you won’t regret it, I know I don’t!!