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DBC 2003 February 19, 2021 1:11 pm

Do not go to this hertz! My teacher got charged so much extra money because of a mistake that was made on hertz’s behalf. They are awful and when they forget your keys, you should have to pay? Not ok at all! I seriously advise you to rent your car somewhere else and if I could I would give you zero stars! Have a great day!!

Remember: don’t forget not to rent a car at hertz!

Vincent Barnes February 16, 2021 8:26 pm

Reasonable prices, but employees were incredibly rude. Service was the bare minimum. The employees were quite aloof towards customers, and it was clear that they were very unmotivated to help anyone.

Rachel Balla February 13, 2021 4:59 pm

STOP! Read this entire nightmare of a post before you think about renting from this store.

My husband picked up his rental car on a Thursday morning for a business trip. It probably took about 30-40 minutes of waiting when we arrived because apparently the car wasn’t clean yet. The guy brought the car around running and, because of the delay, my husband and his business partner loaded up and got on the road ASAP.

They drove about three hours north toward Tampa before needing to stop for gas. They gassed up… and then realized that they couldn’t turn the car on. They’d assumed the car would just turn on because – of course! – the keys had to be there somewhere. They looked everywhere, but nothing. They called the Hertz, and oh, what do you know?

Hertz hadn’t actually given them the keys.

Which meant that these two entrepreneurs were stranded in a gas-station stall in a dead car – no power, no AC – trying to take their business calls for three hours while an employee drove the keys up.

It was about three hours, and that’s only after he got around to texting me. Reminder: Midday. Florida. It’s hot, and their workday is shot.

I obviously called about compensation the next morning, about 10:30. I called four times that day and got punted around. The first time, the very nervous employee offered me $50. Of course, that was nowhere near sufficient. He claimed his manager was on an “important business call” and I politely left my number for them to call me back. The same employee called me back a few minutes later, still babblingly nervous, and said his manager had approved increasing the amount to $100, but had managed to do this in the middle of his very important call because he was still too busy to talk to me. I told him that wasn’t adequate, and he told me to call back in an hour. To be clear, their lost productivity was worth upwards of $900.

When I did so, I got a different employee with an R name – Raymond, maybe? – who told me the manager was now at lunch and would call me back. (To be honest, I think all of these were excuses which speaks to how Jonathan is probably not a very supportive manager if his employees can’t count on him to pick up escalated cases.) You may be surprised to hear that in fact, the manager did no such thing. I called again at 3 when I was off work (but apparently customer service closes down at 3 and there wasn’t even a voicemail, so keep that in mind if you rent from this store.) So apparently the manager didn’t have time from when he got back from lunch to the close of business to call back a customer who’d been stranded by his own store’s mistake.

So I had to call a fourth time this morning. Luckily I managed to get the manager, whose name is Jonathan, on the first try. He didn’t even bother apologizing for the incident – he was super dismissive. He just told me that he’d told “that employee” to tell me I could have a $100 credit, and implied that I should probably feel grateful for that because usually it’s a gift certificate – as if we would EVER rent from this store again???

Now this is why you should care: you probably won’t forget to check that you got the keys after reading this post, but this is the big take-away: if you have any kind of problem, even a big one, you’re going to get the run-around, and if you have the time to continue to call and call and call, the customer service you get will be delayed, dismissive, insulting, and wholly inadequate. Don’t put yourself through it – just rent from another company.

I invite Jonathan from Hertz to call me back and make this right. You should have my number as I left it multiple times.

Angel Contreras January 24, 2021 6:17 pm

HORRIBLE service. please do not rent at this Hertz if you value your happiness. I rented a car for 12:00 pm on sunday. I arrived at 12:22 because of complications, and a tall man with white hair was extremely rude yelling ” WHERE CLOSED! WHERE CLOSED! constantly after opening the door and closing it constantly on my face. All i needed was them to check my license and process the car it would have taken less than 2 minutes to do. The tall guy with white hair is an extremely rude human being. A person like. that should not be allowed to have any sort of job in the service industry. Hopefully this review is read and that person is fired. It is really a shame because a large company like Hertz can really be affected by having unacceptable employees like that guy.

John Smith October 13, 2020 11:58 pm

This is the usual “I would give it zero if possible.” I usually go to Enterprise. My wife wanted to try Hertz for the price. This was a big mistake.

The staff wouldn’t let anyone in. They would barely crack the door and talk out of it. Just enough to get a name and your cards and ducked back in. They add a $200 deposit it on top of it. There is nothing on the email from Hertz or our price from their email.

While the main guy was figuring it out, another gentleman came out. I explained to him how this price is not on the website. He shrugged his shoulders and said he doesn’t know the website. He wad very rude. My wife tried explaining it to him and he turned around and just walked away.

When they gave us the keys, they were too busy to do a walk-around. I had to take my own pictures of the existing damage. I tried everything I could to get a live person with Hertz on the phone and couldn’t.

We didn’t leave the lot until noon. We dropped the vehicle off at 11:35 the day we were finished. It had a 11:30 drop off listed. It should have been noon. I explained this to the apathetic staff at the other location. They said I would be fine.

Well, I was charged.

I will happily pay more for Enterprise. The experience there has always be amazing.