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Boca Raton Home Care Services provides professional home care to seniors in need of assistance. Contact Home Care Boca Raton TODAY!

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S C April 12, 2020 12:39 am

Meredith LaPerla and the staff of Home Care Assistance raises the bar
of professional home care with a very personal approach. Professional, responsive, caring, kind with standards that will please the most discriminating clients. My family
has been in the care of these wonderful professionals for two years and I thank heaven every day. The staff are employees of Home Care Assistance of Boca Raton and it shows in the pride, quality and honesty of their work. Thank you Meredith for your tireless efforts on behalf of your employees and clients. Also, a very special thank you for navigating us all through these challenging days. 🙏

Colleen Fite March 5, 2020 8:20 pm

Meredith, and her team of caregivers at Home Care Assistance of Boca Raton were exactly what our Mother needed to get her through a difficult time after her short stay in a rehab facility. They took the time to get to know Mom’s specific needs and matched her with a caregiver who was the perfect fit for her lifestyle and personal needs. It is so difficult to have an aging parent who lives so far from you, and we felt like the team at Home Care Assistance not only understood those fears, but were attentive and responsive to helping us find the best solution for helping her through this difficult time. She is back to her old “independent” self – and for that we are grateful! I would recommend this team to anyone looking for excellent care in the Boca Raton area.

G Bloch February 23, 2019 2:07 pm

Dear Meredith,
In late December, my 93 year old mother was living alone, driving her own car, and picking up her 99 year old cousin to go gambling. Then suddenly, she was in the hospital with congestive heart failure, and her life and our lives changed.
After two days, she was released from the hospital, and we were told that she needed home health care. We were visited by a nurse who suggested Home Care Assistance, How lucky we were!
Needless to say, a feisty 93 year old widow does not always welcome people doing things for her, but the women who worked with my mother were absolutely incredible. At first, we just had some day help, but when we needed help during the night (read: sleep), you provided the most amazing women, allowing us some much needed rest.
These women gently washed and dressed my mother for the day, got her ready for bed at night, talked to her, made certain she ate, walked with her, and allowed us to leave the apartment to run errands because we knew that my mother was safe. All in all, these “angels” made our lives much easier.
When we moved my mother into assisted living, we continued the extra help, but recently, the woman who was near death seven weeks ago stopped needing this assistance. What a transformation! My mother is back to being her independent self, and though we will no longer allow her to drive, she can do everything else for herself.
You are to be commended, too, for your personal commitment to our family. Whenever my mother had an issue, you texted, emailed, or called us to let us know. After we flew home to New York, you were a lifeline for us, and we could not be more grateful. Your understanding of the geriatric mind-set is second-to-none.
Thank you for being there when we needed you; I would not hesitate to call you again in the future.

Shannon November 5, 2018 6:51 pm

It was a pleasure working with Meredith and the folks at Home Care Assistance of Boca Raton. I needed them to help with my mom, who has Parkinson’s, while her full time aide was away. The agency was very responsive and set us up with 2 aides who would split the time needed. There was a bit of an issue with one of the aides being a good fit for my mom and the agency responded immediately. We ended up using the one aide for the entire time needed and it was perfect. She was an absolute joy, extremely caring, very attentive and made sure my mom was at ease with the changes. My mom bonded with her very quickly. Having this quality of care was just what we needed.

Angie Carpenter May 13, 2018 10:58 pm

The Caretakers are amazing! They genuinely care about their patients. It isnt just a job, its much more than that to them. It is a huge relief to know that my Mom is so well cared for . She is so happy. The Management is also tremendous and very accessible to us. I would Highly recommend this agency above all others.

Angela C.