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Boca Raton Chiropractor, Dr. Brandon Hollenberg, is also a Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist and Certified Pilates Instructor. Call (561) 826-3808.

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Joe Rulli March 12, 2021 3:33 am

I sustained a rotator cuff injury in my left shoulder. Not only was it painful but I pretty much lost the use of my left arm. After x-rays my doctor referred me to physical therapy and I contacted Integrated Chiropractic and received an appointment for the following day. I was put into the care of physical therapist Lareyne Weiss who read my x-rays and examined me and set me up on a program. After my third visit I was able to sleep through the night and function with hardly any pain. And now after my 10th visit I have about 80% use of my arm and in the very near future I should be at 100%. Ms Weiss is very encouraging, very experienced and very dedicated to healing. So if you’re in need of a therapist, she is superior!

Ali Bolad February 23, 2021 9:18 pm

I came here due to an unfortunate car accident and have found this to be the best chiropractic office I have visited. The staff is very friendly and you look forward to coming here instead of trying to put it off for as long as possible. Dr. Fierman is one of the best in her field hands down, 3 years later and I still use this office over any other.

Dorothy Fuscaldo February 9, 2021 5:54 pm

Very Friendly and clean atmosphere. My treatment has helped me a lot since I started there. Dr. Brandon shows extreme care in all his patience. I highly recommend his services if you’re looking for a Chiropractor.

Karen Litvack January 7, 2021 9:53 pm

I was suffering with lower back pain for two days. I went online looking for a chiropractor for help right away. I chose Totality because of their 5 star rating.I was not disappointed. They gave me an appointment a few hours later. The staff was very professional but more important, friendly and attentive. I was treated by Dr. Fierman, who is definitely a major part of the 5 star rating. She took the time to take a full history, an X-ray and explanation of treatment. I had my first treatment and I am feeling a little better. Actually better than expected, backs take time to heal. I will definitely continue treatment.

Furious Raindrop September 24, 2020 8:22 pm

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please if there is one thing I can do in my life to help people who are in need of immediate relief please DO NOT come to this Chiropractor, IT WILL BE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE!

I was told to come in for a free consultation and they ended up charging me a tremendous amount of money for my visit when I didn’t even get any treatment!!!!!!!! It was a SCAM from the start!

Please if you are in any pain do your body a justice and go somewhere else for treatment cause the only thing you’ll find going here is an empty wallet and a WHOLE LOT OF REGRET!

Update after the reply from the (Owner)
I was not given any X Ray results or treatment, as you already know.
I will not be able to sleep at night knowing that your Chiropractic practice isn’t there to help people in need but to simply make a few extra dollars. Its not a secret anymore, there are complaints against you on all of the major doctor review websites. You will not be scamming people for much longer I can promise you that!

9/24/2020 Update,

The Chiropractor at this office has been arrested for fraud, I knew he was a fraud after my very first visit when they tried to scam me by charging me for a (free consultation). Finally… Took them years to shut this joke of a practice down.