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Paula Lynch December 3, 2020 3:47 pm

I have absolutely nothing but good things to say about iRecovery. I have only been with these guys since the beginning of October, 2020. However, I feel like a changed person already. Of course, I realize I have a long way to go before I am even close to “fixed” and that I will always be recovering, but the difference between before I got started and now is night and day. Honestly iRecovery saved me, my marriage and the relationships with the rest of my family.

Everyone I have dealt with at iRecovery is kind and compassionate. The thing I really like about ALL the staff is they treat you like a human being and not an “addict” that is beneath them. I am seriously one happy person and can’t say enough good things about them. I have been helped tremendously and they are also in the process of helping one of my siblings and have been soooo kind in their treatment.

Thanks again to everyone at iRecovery for everything you guys do on a daily basis If you have any type of addiction issue or maybe even a dual diagnosis (like anxiety or depression along with addiction), this is honestly a great place to get started.

Renee Hunt November 5, 2020 5:40 pm

This detox center has help me reclaim my life. Got me off of six different types of pain medications for my bone disease. I only take suboxone now three times a day doesn’t affect my liver like the pills do I muscle in stage 3 liver failure. This place has saved my life and I can now run and play with my nieces and nephews and enjoy life. If anyone needs help this is the place to go they accept even Medicaid and Medicare. Give it a try if you need any kind of help or pain management

jim Ludwig August 21, 2020 7:29 pm

I was in a very bad place with my drinking, I had just lost a childhood friend just two months after he retired @ 62. Although I have lost 6 immediate family members, nothing hit me so har as his death. Mind you I’ve always been a pretty good drinking as long as I remember, but this was different. I lock myself in a hotel room drinking and passing out several times a day. I quickly found out I needed 30 beers a day to survive this nightmare, eating only once a week I lost 34 pounds none of which I could afford to loose. I woke up one morning and said enough is enough, and got ahold of I Recovery. Micka and I began to talk several times a day, and I would hold video conferences with dr Zipper. He felt it was in my best interest to check myself into rehab which I did. I soon left feeling like I was not being attended to quickly and in my best interest I left within 3 hours of my arrival, I was in heavy detox at the time, throwing up chocking, sweats, and yet no one there to tend to my needs. I got out and immediately call Dr. Zipper for a phone conference, he walk me though the ropes on what was happening to me. Well many more conferences. And I felt very comfortable in my own skin. Quite frankly I have absolutely no desire to touch alcohol as it has devoured my life in so may ways. I’ve lost my kids respect, an almost that of the love of my life. Today I found out I major liver issues, which I hope I can overcome as well, only time will tell. I feel just fantastic about my self and am not going back to the monster I was. I would like to thank Dr. Zipper and his knowledgeable staff ( Mika and Angela ) for give me the courage to move forward ( if I can do, you can do) just don’t give up on yourself…. life is just more pleasingly when I sober!!!!