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Mari Vasan January 11, 2021 10:39 pm

Barbara is a treasure and her service is well worth the investment, in our opinion. She worked with both of our kids beginning in 9th grade. She relates so well to high school students, and empowers them regarding their college application process and experience. She encouraged the kids to think about what they would like to do in the summers that would be enriching to them, as a person and a student. She even helped them find some of these experiences. She has them make appointments with her and they would research together. She is always thinking about the kids she works with, offering them ideas about everything from clubs to books to read, to community service projects.

She explained to the kids what the universities are looking for, and the importance of grades, contribution on campus, etc. Our two kids are polar opposite personalities, and she engaged each of them easily and expertly. Each year she ensures they are on track for where they want to end up for college. She also suggests potential schools to the kids, and spurs them on to do more research. She is a treasure trove of valuable information.

The application process can either be a nightmare (if a parent tries to manage it with their child) or a breeze (if you hire Barbara). Barbara inspires the student to take ownership of the process, and she guides them, nudges them, and reminds them, all with an endless amount of patience.

The process was smooth, easy, and both of our kids were accepted to their first choice schools. Perhaps most important, they learned how to set goals, stay on top of what they need to do, follow up, and finish their tasks. We will be forever grateful to Barbara and we highly recommend her services.