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Lisa Schmitt October 14, 2020 3:59 pm

I went to Chris because he has a Master’s Degree in Sports and Clinical Nutrition, and  I was working out with my personal trainer but was not getting the results with losing weight that I wanted.  I also learned that he has over twenty solid years of experience, and I liked the combination of his background – starting in hospital and then branching out on his own.   On the first visit, Chris measured my metabolism and entered my aerobic and anaerobic exercises.  He was able to come up with my basal metabolic rate,  the calories burned by exercise and most importantly the correct amount of carbohydrate, fats, and proteins for my metabolism and activity level.  I was truly impressed with the personalization of this session, and it made me feel confident that it was customized for only me.    In his first session he provided me with over  twenty different food combinations, a diversified shopping list, and a thorough checklist  to get me  started right out of the gate.  Once again, it was specific for my lifestyle, food and brand preferences, and the grocery stores that I prefer to shop.  Chris asked me to call him after each consultation to review everything and I especially loved that accountability.  He also asked me to follow up and call him a week later to make certain that I was happy with the food, understood the process, and so I could share and receive feedback on this new lifestyle.  He then made some minor modifications based on my input.  I encourage you to pick up the telephone and call him between the nutritional sessions as it serves as a reinforcer, and I found him to be an inspiration and true positive influence.   He always returns calls the same day or answers immediately if not with a doctor or another patient. He reminded me that it would take at least two nutrition sessions  to be able to have a custom meal plan with specific food amounts to my metabolism and activity level because it takes an hour to make up your menus and meal plan after my first session.  The majority of  personal trainers and nutritionists provide a generic meal plan on the first session.  The information from multiple trainers did not provide enough variety so I found that I became frustrated to follow this strict regimen and in turn it was not providing me with the results that I had anticipated.  After my second nutritional consultation I had menus, meal plans and enough guidance to feel like I had a new “lifestyle” rather  than just another “diet.”  After my third session it became intuitive for me to start eating as a lifestyle and I enjoyed the process much more than previously.  I was also decreasing my risk for diseases, lowering my body fat, and increasing my energy levels which had me smiling about my food and results for the first time in several years.    In a few months, I hit my goal of losing  fifteen lbs and increased my lean muscle mass while decreasing my body fat.  I highly recommend Chris as a top notch nutritionist that will guide you in an intellectual and realistic way with an engaging and caring demeanor.  I felt totally relaxed and we managed to have a fun time throughout the process as well.  I am still able to pick up the phone and call Chris if I need specific advice.  Believe me, this was one of my best decisions for a new improved me.

Garry L November 6, 2019 1:00 pm

My son is 16 yo and in a program to become a professional tennis player and his coach recommended a Sports Nutritionist Christopher Fuzy. He was having cramps during tennis tournaments and actual had to go to the hospital. . He really trains hard at achieving his goal of being #1 in junior tennis . He had a few set back during tournament with cramping and slight injuries . Mr. Fuzy showed us exactly what to eat and drink for Sports Nutrition. He addressed Carb’s, Protein, Fats, electrolytes, minerals, pre-work foods and beverages and gave us specific guidelines for before, during and after tournaments. We now are leaning towards eating Vegan and Mr. Fuzy can adapt a program for his muscle mass, activity level, metabolism that will provide enough protein while eating Vegan foods. My son is happy to adapt a new way of eating and drinking and the program has helped him a lot with his performance.

Phyllis Hopkins November 5, 2018 5:28 pm

My hormones were changing, I was gaining weight, always hungry and my doctor told me my sugars were high and that if I did not change my diet I will be a diabetic. My doctor knows Christopher because he practiced in Ft. Laud and Boca for over 20 years together. I called Chris and he consulted with me on the phone for 20 min before I could make an appt. He asked me to view his instructional video on his web site and then we spoke in detail. He explained he set up 100’s of doctors’ practices and now only sees clients who are serious about changing their lifestyle. (He does not need to see patients anymore but genuinely likes working with clients, he trains doctors with his Lifestyle Nutrition program all over the US.)

All I can say is if you have any questions about nutrition, call Christopher Fuzy first, before going anywhere else he truly changed my life. Spend some time on the phone with him and then decide.

He told me on the phone he will spend over an hour with me during my first session, measure my metabolism, body fat, my calories for rest and exercise, based on my exercises , muscle and metabolism, give me shopping lists, menus, recipes, goals all customized based on my food diary. He customized my program based upon my food diary that are on his web site. Seeing him only 1 visit is not enough, getting everything all at once is a dieting approach and he promotes a non-dieting approach by changing your lifestyle. He talked to me twice on the phone between each visit to keep me on track, so I could easily apply his food combinations to my hectic lifestyle.

He told me the cost for his first consultation up front, on the phone, before I came in for just seeing him once, so I knew what to expect, but after the first session, I decided to participate in his 4 session package which is how I lost 36 pounds, I am not hungry anymore and I am on a lifestyle anti aging program and not a diet and most important my sugars and cholesterol are normal now- without dieting.

I have been to other nutritionists before and he related to my emotional and stress eating. I was on my way consult a mental health counselor before I met Chris. If you have the ability to see him, I highly encourage committing to the 3-4 sessions he asks of you once he reviews your food diary, listen to his advice, he cares more about your success than anyone I ever met before.

Britney Somers September 8, 2018 7:40 pm

I could not lose weight, I felt tired, and I was confused as to what to eat. I have been to many doctors, trainers and a few nutritionists. My girl friend recommended Christopher Fuzy – Lifestyle Nutrition since he has been in practice for over 25 years. After 3 nutritional consultations, I learned what to eat, when to eat and how to eat with out any hunger or fatigue. Each nutritional session provided me with exact names of the foods I should eat, shopping lists, goals and everything was for my activity level, my muscle and metabolism. He has a metabolic device that will tell you how to eat for your lean muscle metabolism and exercises. I provided a copy of my blood work so we could also lower my cholesterol. I would encourage anyone who needs a caring knowledgeable clinical nutritionist dietitian to help you understand a new relationship with food to commit to 3-4 sessions of his Lifestyle Program, it will change your life. 1 session may not be enough for his process to work, it takes a little time for his process and to follow all his food examples and combinations to change the way we view and use food in our lives!

Team Phoenix September 8, 2018 7:10 pm

I went to see Christopher Fuzy who has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I wanted to gain muscle while working out. He showed me what healthy foods to eat to gain lean muscle, provided me with suggestions at home and in restaurants, specific foods, menus, shopping lists and the correct sports nutrition supplements based on nutritional research. I have more energy and better workouts because he uses a metabolic analyzer to customize a nutrition program specifically for me. I trust his advice because he did not sell me any products, just recommended them for my metabolism and goals. He even tweaked my workout routine He has a masters degree in sports and clinical nutrition- go see him if you need advice.