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Shannon Gallagher February 13, 2021 11:27 pm

The staff is always kind and super helpful finding anything you need!

Marshall Sklar November 19, 2020 2:07 am

Interesting way of doing business lululemon. I received a discount code valid for one single purchase. I made the purchase and a day later received an email that they were sorry , but the product I ordered was sold out. And so, I called them and gave my order info, asking them to re activate my one time code due to the fact that they canceled my order on me, and I used the code when placing this order.
As an international company, I expected them to handle things professionally. Rather, the phone rep said “I’m sorry we canceled the order, but the product is now sold out. You used your one time code ordering this product and we can’t reissue you another code to you!”
Dumbfounded, I re-stated what occurred. Her response “it’s a one time code. You used it one time “. Again, I repeated that while I may have used it, they couldn’t deliver on their end of the bargain, And so, they should reactivate the code. She refused.
This mentality is indicative of so many “modern” businesses and their lack of attention to common sense and integrity. Shame on you lululemon men.

G.A. d October 11, 2020 1:10 am

New items are great, helpful sales staff

Ron Motiram September 1, 2020 10:56 am

Customer Service is great, Nice people helping at all costs.

Qavia Lopez June 27, 2020 10:58 pm

I would give 0 stars if I could. The staff are beyond rude, especially this 1 particular male worker. Also, I don’t know if the staff are just so lazy that they can’t stay open until closing time, but they closed 45 minutes early. I love lulu, but the staff at this store are just awful. I really hope to see change, and also to never see that awful male staff member again, I don’t know how he got hired.