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Jonathon Miller May 30, 2020 2:26 pm

Dr. Maria is fabulous. We have a young child who is extremely anxious with any dental work. Dr. Maria and her entire staff were very calming and soothing and did all the work necessary in a single session without any tears or resistance from our little one (a miracle in itself). They helped him overcome his fear and change his perception of dentists. We highly recommend this practice to any family in need of a compassionate, professional pediatric dentist.

Mia Guttier September 19, 2019 6:28 pm

I love bringing my daughter to this dentist she is incredible. The staff is super sweet and always very helpful with anything we need or ask for. Dr Castaneda is very knowledgeable and my daughter loves coming to her wonderful office.

Shelby Rojas May 10, 2019 11:34 am

I went Dr Maria after my husband made the appt. he just went for the one with the highest google review. She was very nice and her staff were extremely attentive going the extra mile to put my son’s name up in the room on a welcome banner. Office is equipped with all sorts of toys and tablets and is basically a 7 year olds dream. I do not have dental insurance for my 7 year old and he needs a lot of work. Dr Maria have quite a diagnosis that would require 4 dentists visits and quite a lot of money. I got a full set of x rays, the exam and the diagnosis for $370. As with any dentist who is asking over $4000 for work a baby teeth, I went for a 2nd and 3rd opinion. I needed to get schooled. The 2nd dentist had a bit of different treatment plan and actually said I needed more xrays. Bite mark xrays to be exact and charged me an additional $40 plus $75 for the exam. I then found out from that office (which was just as fun and friendly as Dr Maria’s) that I could have received all the xrays, a teeth cleaning, exam and floride rinse for $275. This dentist had a different treatment plan that the 3rd one concurred and I could have gotten the exam, teeth cleaned, all xrays and floride from that dentist on Boca for … wait for it… $185. It’s my own fault for not doing the research. When I asked Dr Maria how much everything would cost, she said she had no idea. Now I get that you put your admin in front of patients to deal with that but do say you have no idea was a bit of turn off. Plus the actual office is right needy to Starbucks so parking room me… 15 min in thus tiny shopping center mainly bc of the Starbucks. So yes, she was sweet, her staff was sweet, but you can get that same sweetness in other offices and pay quite a bit less and not have to fight for parking. I’m going with the 3rd dentist. He has to sedate my son, which Dr Maria did recommend as he is sensitive and that entire process will take one day and cost me $1500 less than Dr Maria’s quote for all the work in 4 stressful visits. I understand it’s your kids and you do what you need but definitely feel I should have investigated pricing and everything prior. My bad.

Deborah Robles June 14, 2017 2:21 am

The best pediatric dental experience I have had (as a mom for her child). Dr Castaneda’s staff is very welcoming, warm and knowledgeable. The receptionist is very kind. As a first time patient, my child was given a tour and felt right at home. When it was time to get his teeth cleaned, my child felt secure and relaxed. His hygienist made sure, during the cleaning, that he was comfortable and told him to let her know if anything bothers him. She was gentle, kind and patient. Dr Castaneda is a lovely person. So warm and friendly. My son loved her and knew he was in great hands. She was gentle, very knowledgeable and detailed in explaining everything during the exam and did not hesitate to answer any of my concerns. She made sure I was understanding everything and that all of my concerns were addressed. Never felt rushed. Love that! In the end we got lil goodies too. I would definitely refer Dr Castaneda to anyone looking for an exceptional pediatrict dentist. So glad to have found her