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Our Massage Envy Spa in Boca Raton serves 7050 West Palmetto Park Rd Bay 17 and the nearby FL area. Need a massage near Boca Raton, FL? Book your appointment today.

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Jazmine Lora March 8, 2021 11:01 am

I have been experiencing issues with Massage Envy West Boca for a series of months. Around November I expressed to multiple front desk associates my financial issues and how I needed to cancel my membership because I experienced financial hardship due to Covid. They provided no options for me before my account was suspended due to insufficient funds. Once in suspension mode I was unable to enroll in any programs to delay payments without making a new payment. Instead of asking my permission the used a card that was on my account but not linked to my actual membership to charge the membership fees. I never approved this card to be used for membership fees and I had no idea the manager Amber would use any card linked to my account. I asked her to send me a copy of the membership agreement that included that any card on my profile can be used to charge my membership fees and she never did. This occurred when they charged my account $55 on Jan 3. I have called multiple times asking for resolution as I have been unemployed and I needed that money. I asked that the card be removed off my account and Nafis ensured he removed the card that was charged. Amber said she would speak to the franchise owner about refunding the $55 and then terminating my account this was around Jan 8th. She never called me back. Massage Envy sent me text messages almost daily about my account being in suspension. I called all the time but no one could help me as only the Manager Amber has access to cancellations and refunds but she is hardly available. Once I finally got in contact with Amber she rudely told me she couldn’t help me but she could terminate my account and i would lose the $55 and the membership credit. I gave in and told her to terminate the account and I would be okay with losing the credits in the account this was around the end of Jan. On March 7th, I check my bank statement to see a charge of $165 from massage envy. This means that Nafis lied when he said my card was removed off my account and Amber lied when she said she would terminate my account. I cannot afford this situation. I need my money refunded and the account to be permanently terminated as Amber said she would. I do not understand why they would charge a card that should have been removed. This situation feels like fraud and bullying. Amber clearly doesn’t want to assist me. A bigger issue I am facing is that these conversations were held over the phone and she refused to send me a copy of my membership agreement. I have never been in receipt of the membership agreement since I signed it via an Ipad. I have expressed over and over how I cannot afford to maintain this membership for a plethora of financial issues and Amber refuses to acknowledge my situations.

Cheryl Munoz February 18, 2021 7:06 pm

Beware of the scam. My husband and I were told by 3 front desk employees that we could cancel our membership at anytime when we signed up. At the time I was due to have a baby in a couple months so I never would have committed to a year membership!! We figured we’d use it for a couple months (I got some prenatal massages) then cancel. Now they won’t let me cancel and said we signed a year contract in which we never received a copy of it when we signed. The manager is never available to speak and she never calls me back.

Emilia Mead February 11, 2021 9:41 pm

I always feel so pampered from entry to check out. I love the heated tables and hot towels.

Lisa Muskal January 29, 2021 4:35 pm

I have been a customer for 1 year now. Rina is an amazing therapist and is consistent. Sometimes I need more pressure or less depending on the stress level of that time. She is very cognizant and creates a warm and loving atmosphere. For that reason, I will recommend this location and the staff there was very informative and friendly.

MIRIAM T January 14, 2021 3:38 am

I got Maria a Peruvian lady who gave me the worst massage ever. I did not stop the massage because she remind me my grandmother. I mentioned my bad experience with Maria to the lady at the front desk who could care less and even asked me if I want to give a tip to the lady who didn’t know how to give a massage. I truly believe Maria just got her license and is practicing with the clientele.