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Alexandra Loret de Mola March 15, 2021 2:36 pm

I have been taking Spanish lessons with Marta, twice a week, for about 7 months and I absolutely love it. Our classes consist of an hour and a half of enjoyable conversation, which is a fantastic way to learn a language. Marta is (and I cant emphasize this enough) so patient but she also encourages you to push yourself further. She’s excellent at adapting to how you learn so that classes are fun and easy.

When I came to Marta in July, I could only say basic words/phrases but now, I can understand and speak in Spanish at an intermediate/advanced level and I’m almost finished reading my first book in Spanish. I cannot say enough great things about the excellent school!

John Luciani March 15, 2020 3:11 pm

If you are serious about learning a foreign language look no further than Merit International School of Languages. What a gem! I started taking Italian lessons in January 2020 with a great instructor. The private lessons are fantastic and challenging. Don’t delay making this important and valuable investment in yourself. Call Gene or Marta today to get started!

Danielle Kroungold December 23, 2019 9:15 pm

Merit International School of Languages is wonderful! From the moment that I arrive, I feel welcomed and encouraged. Marta and Jean have created a beautiful learning environment at the school. I started just a few months ago and have learned so much of the Spanish language.

Marta structures her classes at an individualized pace, spending time in areas that need more attention. We work hard while having a fun experience.

I still have a lot more to learn but I know I will be having fluent conversations with my fiancé’s family soon (This is the reason that I started classes)!

I highly recommend Merit to language learners of all proficiency levels!

Juliana Paula September 14, 2019 1:18 am

I have been taking English classes at Merit for a few months and my grammar is much better. I feel better when I talk to people and they understand when I speak. I am very happy because now I am less shy about talking to people at my daughter’s school, the store and other places.

Abby Diab August 14, 2019 12:43 am

Particularly here in South Florida, but also nationwide, we live in a bilingual world. Those of us with only one language operate at a disadvantage, both personally and professionally. For this reason – and others – I’ve wanted to learn Spanish for quite some time. But I’m well beyond the age where language acquisition comes easily. Moreover, the thought of memorizing vocabulary lists and grammatical rules wasn’t particularly appealing to me, and I had a hard time finding classes that didn’t interfere with my work commitments… until I found Merit International School of Languages. Dr. Garrido worked out a class schedule that worked for me. Classes are small and instruction is personalized. Instead of rote memorization, we have conversations. We talk and we laugh in every single class, and somehow the memorization happens. More and more I’m coming to understand when I listen to spoken Spanish, and I’ve even been able to speak and to be understood. I look forward to my Spanish lessons – they’ve become a bright spot in my week. I’d highly recommend Merit International School of Languages to anyone looking to learn a new language or to improve their language skills.