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Miller Law Firm specializes in Divorce & Family Law services for the entire state of Florida, with offices in Fort Lauderdale & Boca Raton.

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Shana Faudel July 28, 2020 9:40 pm

I never wanted to have to go through a divorce. As many know it is difficult and painful to go through this process, but Miller Law Firm made it much easier. They are quick to respond and highly professional! Even after paperwork was final, they helped me with further questions I had that they probably didn’t have to help with!

Chelsey Katz August 23, 2018 8:13 pm

This firm was efficient in finalizing my divorce but when it came time for me to retrieve a copy of my final settlement a year later- it was like pulling teeth to get them to send me a one page document. I needed it in a rush and the attorneys pushed me off to the Clerk of the Court instead on just simply logging in and emailing me the document- it took them longer to email me back to tell me they couldn’t help then it would have to just pull up the docket. I would recommend this office if you want limited representation but once your case is done, don’t expect them to act like you were a client.

Lakeisha Flemming July 14, 2018 8:17 pm

Miller Law Associates helped me with my divorce. I am a member of the United States Armed Forces, stationed near Tokyo Japan. I often felt hopeless and confused about the divorce process, especially being so far away from home. My attorney, Sander L. Miller, guided me every step of the way and assured me he would make sure everything was taken care of. He was easy to get a hold of by phone or email and was quick to respond to any questions or concerns. I am so thankful for his services. I would recommend this law office to anyone who needs help with any family law issues or a divorce.


Courtney E February 24, 2017 1:49 pm

Miller Law Associates:
Pros: Affordable, effective, responsive, personable, convenient, punctual

Cons: Limited face time, communication happens mostly over email/phone

In the fall of 2016, Miller Law Associates handled my uncontested divorce. From the time I initially reached out to the firm to the time I was officially divorced was roughly three months. I was given the necessary paperwork to file for divorce almost immediately after I made the decision to move forward with the firm. I was well informed of the options available to me, meaning a contested versus an uncontested divorce, as well as the process associated with each option. The level of service and professionalism provided by the firm was superb and impressive. Response time to questions and concerns was prompt and responses were thorough. Communication was done primarily over the phone and through email rather than face-to-face meetings, however this did not hinder the effectiveness or length of the process.

Overall, my experience with Miller Law Associates was positive. Divorce is extremely stressful, no matter the situation, but I trusted the attorneys and felt safe throughout the entire process. I felt as though they had my back and would fight for me, if necessary. I highly recommend the firm to people looking for an affordable, effective, and minimally stressful way to handle your divorce.

randy nicholson September 21, 2012 7:18 pm

As advertised, stellar. Great value. I had some unusual issues which required more effort on their behalf than I presumed they would accommodate for the price. I read some reviews that were somewhat negative regarding Jeff”s Demeanor. He does have an abrupt humorous writing style that may come across a little sharp to some. But, I can assure you, that when it matters, he his quite concerned and willing to put his clients best interest ahead of his agenda. I was very impressed. I had an uncontested, no children divorce. The key is to make sure you and your spouse are on the same page and are truly cooperative. Be prepared to spend a few hours gathering all the info required for the paper work. Also, while it is possible to reach them by phone it is not their preferred method. Email responses usually take about 24 hrs. Good luck and use this great service with confidence.