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Shallah Mehalla February 10, 2021 9:38 pm

I needed to print some files from a flash drive, which probably was only 4 or 5 pages. I saw a sign posted that they wanted to charge customers 2.50 for small jobs. Why is Office Depot punishing customers who have small print jobs. Also, if one pays with cash–the self serve option is out of the picture as well.

R Holt January 30, 2021 3:27 pm

Print Here $75 card limit policy

Just trying to print a work guide from pdf. Need color, 125 pages. Counter staff busy, sure I can print on demand. Hampered by $75 limit. No sign, stating this. Just post a sign. I tried 2 cc and then had to wait for counter service. Sure, got nothing better to do in covid times…

J Thomas January 27, 2021 11:21 am

Just absolutely a SELFISH and stupid company. We asked, as a school, for some help with copies for KIDS! Guess what? They have NO foundation and NO way to help a SCHOOL! Just ridiculous! Everyone talks about how schools need help, etc. and this company turns its back on us. I will make sure everyone we communicate with knows how terrible Office Depot is as of late!

Brian Frankson January 21, 2021 3:15 pm

Placed an order on December 27th 2020 & payed via Paypal.. Same day I got a notification that I had paid them and they expected my shipment to be delivered 1-7-2021. No further emails or communications.. I called in on 1-21-2021 to inquire on the order.. No one in the 7 phone calls I made cared, or were honestly that familiar with the English language.. There short answer was that the order was canceled because I never paid for it, keep in mind I have a receipt that I did from them and paypal.. I sent a copy to a local manager here that i deal with at a local store and also via FB on the company link.. No one still has called or explained where my chair is, or why I was charged and it never shipped.. Heck at a minimum send an email saying there is a problem… No one at the corporate office answers the phone and they hide behind the worst automated phone system ever created. Great job! I will file a complaint with Paypal and take my businesses supply needs to someone that answers the phone and makes an effort to hire competent people that are actually helpful. Mistakes happen, but if you cant admit to them or solve the problems you have caused, you will be out of business sooner then you think..

B Woodland November 8, 2020 4:49 pm

How does a nation-wide retailer end up with an overall rating on Google of 1.9 starts out of 5.0 stars and not address its problems? Mind-blowing. I’ll add my experience to the mix. Short version: I updated my profile, including my shipping address, placed an online order, which was confirmed to ship to … guess where? My old address. Five states away. I then spent 41 minutes on live chat where I first tried reasoning with a chat bot with no success. And then, experienced the revolving door of three live CSR agents before one of them finally gave me the magic words, “I have cancelled your order.” That said, I have yet to receive an email confirming the order was actually cancelled, so she may have just been trying to get me off the live chat. Not sure yet. In case anyone from Office Depot decides to try and salvage their reputation, I kept screenshots of the chat. I can help you out. // Update: Both orders shipped to the wrong address. So much for cancelling my orders.