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Fred Sterling August 14, 2020 8:42 pm

Crooks Down Right Crooks.

The Cargo company charged me $696 extra 2 months after we completed our business together and the invoice was paid in full. This is a letter documenting exactly what happened with the $696.36 charge that I am disputing. August 15th, 2016 I/******* ********* ordered yoga blankets from Chiquita Textiles in San Diego, CA. I have been ordering yoga blankets from this company for over 20 years. This however was the first time they were being shipped internationally up to Canada and so there were extra shipping and customs details that I had never done before. I was initiating the sale of the blankets for my friends in St. John’s Newfoundland and so the blankets were not for me. The cost for the blankets alone was $722.50. Please see the document titled Lupita Blanket Payment info which is a wire from Susan Oleary in St. John’s, Canada dated September 14th, 2016. Susan Oleary is the friend whom I had ordered the blankets for. I was just initiating the sale but the blankets were for Susan. I received a quote from my contact at Chiquita Textiles from door to door international shipping from One World Cargo. Please see attached quote for $975 from One World Cargo. Documents names are QUOTE ONE WORLD CARGO and also email AMEX dispute . (please note that this shipping quote was already $250 more then what we were paying for the blankets…which was fine, we agreed and did pay the $975). I am also uploading the invoice I got from One World Cargo for the shipping dated September 12th, 2016. This document is titled ONE WORLD CARGO INVOICE. One World Cargo wanted an immediate deposit before shipping and that demanded it be paid by credit card. They would not take full payment but only a $250 deposit by credit card. They specifically said they wanted the $250 deposit by credit card and the balance due by international wire transfer. On September 9th, 2016, I authorized in writing for One World Cargo to charge my AMEX card for $250. This document is titled DEPOSIT REQUEST AGREEMENT AMEX. Please note that this is the ONLY charge that I authorized One World Cargo to charge on my AMEX. I am also including a copy of the $250 deposit charge from my AMEX account dated September 9th, 2016. Susan Oleary sent a wire transfer paying the shipping company One World Cargo the balance due on September 14th, 2016 for the balance due of $765 plus wire transfer fee. A copy of this is uploaded and titled ONE WORLD CARGO PAYMENT RECEIPT WIRE. This concluded our transaction with One World Large and with Chiquita Textiles. In November, 2016, two months after the fact, I get an email receipt from One World Cargo of them charging my AMEX card for an additional $696.36 followed by an email from them stating that Chiquita Textiles had not classified the blankets correctly and that there was an up charge fee. I immediately called One World Cargo and told them that I had not authorized the charge and that I would dispute it. One World Cargo agreed to reverse the charge while I asked from correct documentation proving their claim.

Julie Crabtree August 14, 2020 8:39 pm

Shipment of vehicle to Naples, Italy US Navy Base without status resulting in losses and charges. I entered into a contract with Mia Lord/One World Cargo Solutions in March 2018 to ship my car via container from Leesburg, Ga to Naples, Italy Us Naval Base Capodichino. The cost was approx. 1400.00 via credit card. Copies of all documents will be provided. After car pickup, I was overseas and received no calls or notifications regarding vehicle status. At time of pickup, One World requested I provide my original title to them rendering me with no official documentation. After contacting them on the vehicle status, I learned the vehicle was shipped to Salerno, Italy. I advised that my title had not been returned. Ms Lord forwarded the title to Italy and refused to speak with the company who received the container. As of today, I do not have my vehicle. I received quotes of 1,600.00 euro to 6,200.00 euro due to port and storage charges because the vehicle had been in country since April 20th without my knowledge. One World refuses to speak with the company, ECU Worldwide, regarding the matter. I have reported the issue to my federal government Motor Vehicle Office and One World refuses to assist in me acquiring the container. My 2013 Honda CRV is costing 100.00 per day. One World fraudulently provided names of customs agents in Italy who had no jurisdiction to assist in obtaining my container with vehicle.

Randy Rowan August 14, 2020 8:34 pm

On July 10th, 2019 my household items were shipped from 3104 Cricket rd, NC to be delivered to Izmir Agent Mia Lord was assisting me with this shipment.She quoted me for Aliaga port in Izmir for $ 3050 dollars, and for Izmir Port in Alsancak $ 3350. I picked the Izmir Port in Alsancak and paid $ 3350 via bank wire. after many weeks passed ******* impatient my household goods local agent HAKAN in Izmir Contacting me and stating that I paid for Aliaga Port izmir to be delivered my items and so on, which was quoted at the beginning for $ 3050 dollars and waved this choice by picking $ 3350 dollars Alsancak port. when I tried to contact *** **** she keep hanging up my phones and avoiding me. I started to emailing her and screen shouting our conversation, which I have shown her that Items need to be arrived to Izmir Port, Not Aliaga port Izmir. There are two ports in Izmir. one in Aliaga which is commercial another for Alsancak Izmir residential which i have paid for. Hakan the agent who is handling my items demanding another $ 500 dollars to transfer over my house hold goods to Alsancak Port Izmir. This is FRAUD what MIA LORD and HAKAN is doing to me and to my goods and to my human rights, I have paid extra to be delivered to the Alsancak Port in Izmir. Also they are not responsive to my emails when I requested refund of my extra charged for $ 300 dollars that I paid for. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE.