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Orangetheory Fitness is the latest high intensity workout that's scientifically proven to spike your metabolism and boost energy. Try us for free today!

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chad gant June 24, 2020 1:05 am

I received a call from someone at orange theory last week. Said they were open. I said I didn’t want to come back because all the classes have been booked not only at the studio I go to, but also the surrounding studios near me, for over a month, some classes with over 9 on the waitlist.

Fast forward to today, I saw that I was charged for a month. I called and re explained to someone named Ralphie that I wanted my money back. Not only am I out of work due to covid-19, there is literally not one class available for me to attend. He said it wasn’t possible to return my money, but did cancel my contract and said I was welcome to come until my month runs out. Once again, there is literally no classes available for me to take for over a month. So what am I paying for? Sounds like a scam to me. I hope a corporate office sees this and reaches out. At this point, I will not recommend otf to anybody. Very unprofessional. Too bad

Integral Ingenuity January 21, 2020 2:45 pm

I liked going to Orangetheory, it’s fun, pushes you hard, and is goal oriented.

Although I had a tough time when I ruptured my ACL. I tried to transfer my classes to someone who would have loved using them. The manager said that because corporate watched them so closely they couldn’t transfer these classes. Although, they did mention that the classes will never expire which may be helpful.

Lisa Mayville July 30, 2018 5:01 pm

This is not a gym it is a corporation who is only out to make money on every single dollar they can take from you. The App doesn’t work most of the time, you have to call or email to get into a class or to cancel a class. They charge you $160 a month, $12 for a cancellation, $5 a class for the heart monitor & a 30 day cancellation policy. The workouts are nothing but running on a treadmill, rowing machine and a little bit of free weights. If you are looking for a gym with little creativity, one that wants to take all of your money, and one that you have schedule for exact times this is the place for you!

R C July 5, 2018 4:10 am

It is simple DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP. Unreliable app will not allow you to schedule sessions and you must call or email. Really, who would sign up for that, I believe no one in this day and age especially when they also are unreliable when it comes to answering calls.

Emily Turner March 29, 2017 12:38 am

Orange Theory Fitness is NOT worth the money. I was charged $169 for the unlimited classes. then I HAD to buy the heart monitor, if you don’t have a heart monitor they charge you $5 to rent one for the class. If you are late, miss a class, or have to cancel you are charged $12. When i forgot my heart monitor I was charged $12 at least 3 times because they didn’t see my name on the screen and assumed I wasn’t there. The workouts are fine, but nothing spectacular. Week 1 I came out feeling accomplished, but as the rest of the month went on, I realized that I could get as good or better of a workout just working out at home. I have tried for TWO months to cancel and I keep getting charged $169 a month. When i called to cancel the first time they said it was cancelled and that I had to pay for the month so I said fine whatever, but now a month later I am charged AGAIN! When I called asking for a refund since I had already cancelled, they said I didn’t cancel since I didn’t go in person to sign a paper saying I was cancelling, while I would have been happy to have done that last month, but no one ever mentioned I had to go sign it. So now I am out another $169 that I really could use right now! On the website it claims that its a no contract gym and you just pay month to month, if that is the case why are there cancellation fees in the first place. I should just be able to say I am not working out this month, and they shouldn’t charge me. I am very disappointed. I would not recommend this to anyone, especially if you are tight on money, because they will drain the very last penny they can out of you. DO NOT JOIN ORANGE THEORY FITNESS!