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Drew Young October 19, 2020 4:57 pm

I was dissatisfied with my current lender so I was shopping around. After speaking with Brian Pellettieri, he seemed very helpful and willing to help me work on my credit score and get me refinanced using his company instead of my current lender. We were very communicative and spoke everyday sometimes multiple times. We were to the point that I needed to sign some disclosures and get my appraisal transferred. That day I worked a 16 hour day and had to be back in the next morning at 5a.m. and never had time to sign the papers and send them back. The very next morning around 10a.m. he called and when I answered I didn’t hear anybody in the other end so I hung up. I am at work and very busy and was going to just call back on my lunch break. Not even ten minutes later I get a text that says “Hi Drew, I just called you and you answered and then hung up on me. I noticed you didnt sign your disclosures even after we spoke. Im getting a funny feeling that you are not going to. I sm going to decline your file at the end of the day today if i dont hear back from you. I put in a ton of work and i refuse to put another ounce on until i hear from you.” That was a direct copy and pasted text from him. Very unprofessional, especially since he has no idea what I had going on in my personal life or if something happened. Instead of reaching out to see if we were still on, he made accusations and disrespected me. I already have a clear to close with my current lender and because of my experience with Brian, I will be closing with them on Monday. If this is a representation of how this company operates, I would recommend that nobody does business with them. There are plenty of other options.