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Pandora Jewelry offers style and elegance. Shop for Pandora Jewelry Boca Town Center located at 6000 Glades Rd Space# 1108 A in Boca Raton, for rings, bracelets, charms and more!

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Charles Baron March 6, 2021 9:39 pm

This Boca Raton store is a rip off. My wife bought a bracelet for $300 with the charms, LESS than 30 days ago. The clasp no longer stays. They do not accept for return for anything because they say it is wear and tear. It was bought 3 weeks ago! This chain will disappear and go bankrupt because of cheap quality and poor customer service. So, we are stuck with JUNK.

Georgette Whitley February 15, 2021 3:29 am

Absolutely love Pandora!! I’ve been wearing their jewelry since they opened. I have 2 bracelets and 1 bangle with a total of 40 charms. I also have 2 necklaces. It’s a gift that keeps giving. Everyone of my charms has a special meaning. Highly recommend if you love jewelry but it’s an addiction for sure. Once I filled my 1st bracelet completely I immediately bought my second bracelet and then I wanted something different so I bought the bangle.

José A. Sierra Jr January 3, 2021 7:37 pm

Fantastic service. I felt at home and found the item with their assistance. Paloma is an amazing attendant

Kevin Viera December 23, 2020 8:00 pm

Very clean and they are great for Covid issues. They only allow one customer to employ and the rest waited outside 6ft apart. 10/10

Nina Schultz November 3, 2020 12:30 am

I love this location and always have a great experience here. Christina was especially helpful and went above and beyond for me. I have had less than great experiences at other locations in the past but this store has redeemed Pandora in my eyes.