6849 Town Harbour Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33433, USA

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Heidi Leon February 16, 2021 2:14 pm

as of today Tuesday Feb. 16 , 2021 I walked and spotted a few things not suppose to be in a area like this ~ People really careless I wish the authorities would get them …..

Gururaj R January 31, 2021 12:10 am

This is a gem in the middle of the Boca Del Mar area.. a lot of people miss the entrance since it is tucked away in the middle of two communities.
Very well maintained park.. If you plan to take a walk early in the morning, keep your eyes down since a lot of pet owners do not pick up after their pets.
It is generally very well kept and most people who come there are pleasant.
Good place to walk, sit, relax and have a good time..
Kids love to take a stroll in the park.. definitely a place to visit.

Ocean Flare January 27, 2021 2:00 pm

Oh no! Me review is gone! Or at least I thought I reviewed. Anyways, this place is awesome, great for a walk, hike (even though it’s not big), bike-riding, and there is even an area where I’ve seen kids playing because there aren’t many trees in that spot but there are still many trees there. I also love how many people go there with bags of bread to feed to the ducks! Anyways, great park!
Some you have to throw food for but a lot of them come up and get it from your hand. Some even stretch their necks over you lap or under your legs if you’re on the floor to get the food! Just beware if this one duck who snatches really quickly and that sometimes ends up accidentally nipping you! 😅

Norman Salas (Norm) November 27, 2020 1:12 am

This is a strange Park to get to. The sign states that it’s only from members of Boca Del Mar area. I have no idea of Arium Boca Raton is part of Boca Del Mar, but since it’s at Jason to it, I would assume so. It’s a little kept away Secret. There is a large lake, was nice ducks waddling around. There’s also a small little doc, I’m not sure if you can fish from it though. And there is a large walking path that encircles the entire Lake. You can get to it from the sidewalk that runs parallel to Palmetto Park Road. That’s the picture with the aluminum I found trouble guardrails I want appears to be a small little bridge. And that’s exactly what it is! It’s a small little bridge that goes from the sidewalk that runs parallel to Palmetto Park Road and that is the main entrance into parque Placido. They have a gazebo as well, which I didn’t visit. What I liked about it is that there’s a whole bunch of different trees and the Lord for all his somebody or group of people actually planted the seedlings a long time ago, because the plaque dictates the name of the person and the time that the seedling was planted. Some of them go back 20 years. I want to see this huge tree in front of you that came from a seed thing is quite remarkable. There’s about 10 to 20 of these trees with black throughout the parks. It’s a safe park, I got a good vibe out of it. Now the other side of the park, is located off Boca Del Mar Way. Most people Park their cars here on the grass and access the park. So there are actually two main entrances. One thing to be aware of, during the summer times, there is a infestation of mosquitoes. So please please please use mosquito repellent to protect yourself from West Nile Virus and dengue fever.

Anni R. January 15, 2020 5:57 pm

Beautiful and quiet private park, nice to walk relaxed with your dogs or jogging, a big lake in the middle to see birds and enjoy nature.