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Birth Photographer in Boca Raton, Florida. Expert in labor and delivery photography and films. Newborn, Baby, Maternity and Family Photographer in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Broward, Palm Beach, Miami, Jupiter and South Florida. Capturing the first time parents meet their baby at Boca Raton Regional Hospital with Dr. Lubetkin, Boca Midwifery and Women’s Health Partners: Dr. Rudolph, Laurie Gibbons

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Meg Liz Owoc August 2, 2020 5:35 pm

I never thought I would trust a photographer to attend my child’s home birth, but the moment I met Paulina I knew she was the one! She immediately made me feel at home! She has such a warm heart, so understanding, so respectful of your wishes, and overall just an incredible person! Hiring Paulina was the best decision I have ever made and I would hire her again not only for my next birth, but for any other life milestones that she would agree to capture! My photos and videos turned out so incredible and I am just so thankful for Paulina and her talents, gifts, and incredible heart!

Jason Nunez April 29, 2020 1:25 am

Paulina has photographed the birth of my daughter and son. Each occasion was special and moment to remember. My daughter was our first child and to say Paulina captured the journey of our birth is a understatement. From our home to the birth house she was present. The birth of my son was at our house and involved the logistics of my then 3 yr old daughter which Paulina made the experience easy for us as the family and the healthcare providers. Not only did she capture the spirit of the house (surprisingly calm) she captured the playfulness of my daughter which is still talked about today. He abilities to put photos and video into a quick movie is exceptional. Our extended family was not able to be at either birth so Paulina’s eye to interpret the excitement is unmatched. The grandparents could not wait to see the movies. As you consider birth photographer consider not only their ability to shout photos, but the ability to connect with you as a family. Because of Paulina’s ability to listen and put to paper our desires we have used her for family photos as well. Some people say always have an attorney in your contacts. As a family man i say always have a great photographer to capture those moments you never want to forget.

Chelsea Burnett April 27, 2020 2:04 am

I had never really considered inviting a birth photographer to be at my birth, and then I came across Paulina! Her photos are stunning and her passion for birth story-telling was infectious. Within just a few moments of chatting with her, I immediately felt so comfortable and knew that I wanted her to be a part of my birth team/story. She did such a wonderful job of answering all my questions leading up to the birth, and kept in close contact with me as we monitored my signs of labor approaching. She has a way of making you feel like you are the ONLY MAMA she’s working with, and it was so reassuring knowing she’d be there to capture the birth of my son. Now we have beyond beautiful photos of my labor, birth of my son, our first moments together after, and my oldest son meeting his baby brother. Even the “sensitive” photos are so professionally and beautifully captured, I wish I had the guts to share them publicly. I cannot express how my photos and birth video make me feel, especially the moments between my husband and I. I am SO GLAD we decided to hire Paulina and will treasure these memories forever. I would recommend her to any family expecting a child!!

Mad Hat April 26, 2020 9:55 pm

I know this is late coming (August birth) but working with Paulina was/is amazing. We had such an interesting yet amazing experience. We had some unfortunate events that happened early on when we first met and she was very understanding but always kept me in mind. I was able to find my way back to her and felt such a sense of relief. Paulina never left my mind and I never left hers. Contact and communication was never an issue. Her care and concern is unbelievable on top of her helpfulness during my birth. Within 30 minutes or so of us contacting her on our way to the birth center, she was there. Her presence was felt as soon as she walked in even though I could barely see what was around me with contractions 2 min apart. Her work is amazing and was exactly what my husband and I needed and wanted. I am honored to have had her at my birth and for her to capture my sons first moments in our life and my powerful birth. Thank you Paulina

Matthew Smith April 24, 2020 5:22 pm

My wife and I welcomed our first child while I was deployed to Afghanistan. We knew before I left that we wanted to create permanent memories that I could look back on. Paulina is an incredible photographer. Her professionalism and experience make her fantastic to work with. I regularly look back on the beautiful photos she took and have never once regretted it. Having her there to support my wife while I was away was such a comfort. My wife loved having her on her birthing team. I would highly recommend Paulina to anyone looking to capture on of the most important moments of your life.