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Dr. Lipman is a Boca Raton chiropractor with over 30 years of experience providing cutting edge technologies & chiropractic care. Call at (561) 674-1217.

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Jared Torres February 16, 2021 12:03 am

I came into Physical Evidence in the beginning because there is an on-site cryotherapy clinic called Cryosuite that I signed up for an annual daily membership with them. A lot of the cryotherapy members & I would talk about why we got into cryo in the 1st place & it brought us into conversations about faster recovery from exercises & rehabbing for injuries, in my case, a back-related injury. A lot of my new found friends from the cryotherapy had asked me, “Have you been to Dr. Lipman yet to have him take a look at it?” I hadn’t yet. Although I was experiencing pain & lack of mobility, I found methods on my own to “somewhat” alleviate some of my injury pain. & I have had a bad experience with a chiropractor in the past, so I had thought if I’m able to manage it on my owner now though it’s not the most optimal, then why take the risk? However one day I had an incident happen to me in the gym, although my form was strict, my back was so sensitive, that it didn’t matter. I had tweaked something in my lower back. I limped out of the gym, went home, had lunch & awaited my 11:30 cryotherapy appointment. I came in, & informed Ilene, that I had tweaked my back to the point where I needed someone to look at it, and to see if Dr. David Lipman was in. He was busy with patients but arranged for me to come back later that day for him to take a look it & see what we can do about it. It was hurting to climb in & out of my car, that’s how bad it was. However I did come back later that day & after part-way into our session, I came to learn from Dr. Lipman, that even though it was my LOWER BACK experiencing pain, it was being caused by an impingement in my spine due to an imbalance in my hips, causing there to be close to 1 1/2-2 inch gap in difference in the length of my legs. No wonder I was experiencing back pain, however all the research I was doing on my own, was about “low back pain”. The thought never entered my mind that it could be caused by an impingement in my hips. It just goes to show that sometimes you need a 2nd pair of eyes & hands to look you over & feel around for imbalances, especially someone who is an expert in the field, as opposed to me, A 24 year old with no knowledge of the human body outside of what Google can tell me. By the end of our session, there was less than a 1/2 inch difference in the length of my legs & I went straight into the cryotherapy and when I left that day, I felt like a new person! We scheduled me for 3 days later for the 2nd session & then 1 week later for the 3rd. After each session. These initial 3 sessions have changed my life drastically, improving my workouts, allowing all my muscle fibers in my back fire properly, enabling me to do everyday tasks that initially caused me tremendous discomfort. Not only did Dr. David make me feel better during our sessions, but he educated me on what was causing my injury in the 1st place, & gave me rehab exercises to do on my own, that take me about 5-10 minutes per day, that I feel have expedited immensely the recovery process that I’ve undergone as of starting with Dr. Lipman. I like to be educated with what’s happening in my body, and Dr. Lipman has given me the education & the tools necessary to feeling better, not just during our sessions but on my own as well. I feel 90% recovered & I continue to go monthly-bi monthly as a preventive measure to keep my back strong & healthy. The knowledge Dr. Lipman has imparted upon me & the miracles that he has demonstrated on my back are PRICELESS & I’m just so thankful that he happens to share the Cryotherapy clinic in the office, for if not, I would never had to the pleasure of meeting him & practically curing my (for what I believed to be incurable) debilitating back injury. Thanks so much Doc for all you’ve done! I look forward to our next session!

Bojan Gospavic February 5, 2021 10:11 pm

Went here for neck pain. Was a little sore the next day but after that felt great. Got a few cryotherapy sessions as well to relieve some inflammation. Dr. Lipman was great and very motivated to get to the root cause of the problem. Checked in on me multiple times to see how I was doing. Highly recommend this place.

Jamie Tefel January 8, 2021 11:07 pm

I tried the cryosuite at Physical Evidence Chiropractic and it was such a great experience! The whole staff was so welcoming and friendly and the cryosuite felt great! Once I left my whole body felt awake and rejuvenated!

10/10 recommend to a friend!

Beth Meirav November 9, 2020 8:29 pm

Today was my first visit to Physical Evidence. Dr. Lipman spent over an hour with me. I have been completely out of whack for awhile. He took his time and was so caring and amazing. I truly feel a huge impact already. Of course I made another appointment. I can’t wait to go back!

Ana Sayan November 9, 2020 5:27 pm

I would highly recommend Dr. Lipman if you’re looking for a great chiropractor in the Boca area! Unlike most evidence chiropractors, he truly takes his time and asks the right questions to speed up recovery. He uses varies methods and machines not just the basic, crack your back method. Although, if you’re looking for a good alignment and to hear your back crack he does an awesome job with that as well! Very friendly and trusting and great location in the midst of other shops and stores!