300 Lock Rd, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442, USA

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A random PUBG guy February 2, 2021 8:28 pm

On three separate occasions I brought up concerns of water damage and mold to the leasing office of this complex. Each and every time I was told they had done everything that they were going to do which did not include to check for mold damage Or replace any of the woodwork in the ceiling after hundreds of gallons of water came down into my living room. Do yourself a favor find another place to live these people don’t care about their tenants.

Renata Jaconi January 19, 2021 2:04 pm

Please for your health don’t rent here… The place is infested with roaches and they dont do anything about, actually they do, they send a letter to you saying they are not going to renew your rent, so they would stop hearing about it… Everything is just falling apart, good thing we own a remodel company and always take care of the unit… Even got new appliances in because they only replaced it with old falling apt one. Im moving next moth and taking basically only my clothes, had to trash everything so Ondont take the roaches to the new apt.

Susana Sokoloff August 29, 2020 4:09 pm

We have been living in Pine Tree for almost 5 years. We recently just upgraded and moved into a beautiful townhouse in the same community. We have never had any issues with safety or noise. Management is very flexible and easy to work with. They treat their tenants like family. We will live here until we buy our own home. Love this place and we love Sue at front office she is amazing. Matt one of their maintenance guys always goes above and beyond. Both are always so friendly and available to help. Definitely recommend living here. Home 🏡👏

Kathryn Andrews July 2, 2020 9:36 pm

I have lived in Pine Tree Meadows for the last 4 years and I am about to sign a lease for the fifth. The grounds are kept up beautifully, people look out for each other and the rent is very affordable. After the last big hurricane, they were out as soon as it was safe, cleaning up and repairing roofs that had been damaged. They are in the process of replacing all the roofs right now in my area. The washer-dryers being out of service is a problem, but people overload them and of course, they break down. All in all, a great place and I would recommend it to others.

Hilary Maragh June 21, 2020 3:01 pm

I have been living there since 2012 and I have no problems which forces me to leave. I only wish the maintenance team had more knowledge of their job and personality. The Supervisor of maintenance is great not to mention the office staff and the owner. I always refer friends to this community.