21198 Hamlin Dr, Boca Raton, FL 33433, USA

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Emilia Guinan April 4, 2019 7:11 pm

The best. Very clean place by emilia. 😂😂😂 good employe!! Doing a good job!!

Taty Brodsky December 6, 2018 11:05 pm

My experience with so called “plumbing experts”
is very bad
I simply couldn’t give a zero star.
We did remodeling kitchen, the plumber must connect 2 dishwashers, intstant hot water, garbage disposal, soap and the kitchen faucet. They also changed 1 water valve. The total bill is $957
On a top the plumber told, that the faucet is leaking inside, should be replaced. They “happen” to have one for $390, suggested to install while they are already here. I refused, but bought a new one, and used other plumber company for the installation, which faucet installation cost is $89.
Note, that it was nothing wrong with a faucet – the “ plumbing expert” didn’t tided valve what is why the faucet leaks. In addition, they never connected back water to the filter, never connected water line to the Bosh freezer, never connected water to my two Miele coffee makers. We didn’t noticed these promptly after the installation because didn’t leave at the apartment because of the renovation
After our complain, they sent the same plumber, who after arguments finally admitted he was wrong and all must be corrected. But we didn’t trust the the plumbing experts any more.
We asked the company some kind of credit, needed to hire another company to correct; they refused!!
They don’t have any respect to the customers !!!
They are not standing to any moral standards !!!
Run Run away from them!!!
Very disappointed customer
Taty B.