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Priority One Marketing Group publishes The Golf Almanac and for golf enthusiasts to review at exclusive country clubs across the nation.

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Karen S October 18, 2018 7:24 pm

THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM – do not fall for it! Be a good business owner and research before you give anyone your credit card over the phone for advertising.

They do not publish any magazines and do not work with any golf clubs in your area. Just try calling one of the clubs they mentioned in the email they sent to you and see if they know who these people are! They don’t because they are a SCAM. I repeat – this is a SCAM and these people use fake company name and fake websites that show fake products that they do not create.

Don’t believe me – just google their name with scam and read all about it! They used to go by E3Create Marketing and ABC Marketing solutions and I am sure a lot more names through the years.

Jeffrey King April 17, 2018 8:24 pm

Thought I would share my experience in case anyone ever things about doing business with these guys. Agreed to terms with Matt Jones, paid to be in the golf almanac and never heard from him again.
Tried calling and emailing and no response. Finally Googled the company to get their main number and Matt is no longer there. No one is checking his voicemail or email.
I feel like it was a waste of money for my small business.

John Lamparelli January 17, 2018 3:43 pm

Mathew Jones contacted me regarding the golfers almanac and listed the courses he is affiliated with. One of the courses I happen to belong to. Before I signed any agreement I asked the person who is in charge of advertising at our club and they had never heard of this company or person. When I confronted Matt about being fraudulent in an email i received no response back. Stay away from this company.

Dave Busch July 5, 2016 3:05 pm

This company is a complete fraud. Avoid them at all costs. They don’t circulate what they claim and have little to no exposure at the clubs they say they do. We called several directly and several we do work for and most never even heard of this outfit or the publications while others were in their words “given a handful that wound up in the locker room benches”. Don’t waste your money, they also call countless times a year to harass and the staff constantly turns over every 3-6 months. We have asked numerous times to be removed from their list and they continue to call and email, first review we have ever written by the way so we only do so when we feel extreme need to warn others!