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Sophia J August 30, 2019 3:39 pm

Extremely pleased with the service, Amira helped me find the most perfect position right away. Could not be more happy!

Migues Alcantara April 8, 2019 2:03 pm

Do not waste your time with this place! They are very rude, and they do not take kindly when they are questioned about the validity of their jobs. That is, when you questioned them about why it is taking so long to find you a job, or even get an interview! They give you a big runaround and they are not good at placing you in jobs where you qualify.

I came in under the impression that I was there for an interview, but that was a lie. I was placed in a room where they went over my resume and they told me that I was very qualified. I was promised a few interviews, but they never came around.

Moving forward a few weeks later, I had to call them to see the status of my profile and what was going on. I got the same runaround : We are working to find you a job that you qualify for, I recently got a new job posting, would you like for me to put you in for it. That is their standard blurb.

You’re better off going to a career center. This place is horrible and the staff is full of lies and false hopes. Luckily for me, I just got a job a week ago so I’m not working with them anymore!! I’m free!

Do not do not do not do not waste your time with these people. They are going to sound really friendly at first, but they are a big waste of time!

Madison Hernandez July 3, 2018 5:06 pm

They posted a listing to work directly for the Office Team – Robert Half company. I applied and got an interview time to meet with a representative from their company. I show up, dressed for an interview, to find out that they’re not interviewing me for the job I applied for. I come to find out they’re an employment agency, so I decided that I’d give them a shot and see what they’re offering.
They tell me about a job offer which sounds like a very good fit with good pay, but I need to take a typing test. I’m obviously not prepared, seeing as I didn’t come in with the intention of taking tests for a job I didn’t apply for in the first place. On top of this there was technical issues, so the woman who I was speaking to walks out to fix it and ends up forgetting I’m there for at least 15 minutes. Finally, when it’s resolved they sit me down in front of an old desktop with a crappy keyboard and tell me when I’m done I can leave.
Flash forward a week, I’ve still heard nothing about the job. I give them a call to find out that the job passed on me because I didn’t hit the desired wpm, which is no surprise because of how outdated the keyboard was. The woman then tells me about another job that’s hiring in my area and asks if I’m interested. I figure it’s worth a shot so we schedule an appointment and I get a confirmation email a few minutes later.
Today was the day of the interview. The address they sent me was to a vacant lot, so as per the confirmation email, I call the agency as opposed to the company to get directions. I’m on hold for at least 5 minutes so I start driving around and end up finding the correct building. I show up on time at 10:30. I wait a few minutes and the manager comes out and is livid. She tells me I’m 30 minutes late and that she’s not interested in rescheduling for that day. I explain I was referred through a hiring company and they sent me a confirmation email with the time listed as 10:30. The manager is very rude to me and tells me that I should call the company and tell them that they should get their schedule fixed. She was so rude to the point where when she walked away the receptionist apologized to me. I get back out to my car and call again tell them they sent me the wrong time, and they say they’ll call the manager and set up a new time. About 15 minutes later I receive a text saying that the manager is refusing to reschedule.
This place was a major waste of time and resources. The workers there are unprofessional to say the least, and I wouldn’t refer anyone here.

Nina Robinson September 20, 2017 2:24 pm

I have been dealing with Stacey Lyons specifically the vice president. She obtained my references and contacts without ever contacting me regarding any available positions. You are much better off finding a company on your own through direct contact with the HR manager or the hiring manager opposed to using the services of this scum like company. They are simply there to pry references from you without any follow up. Total waste of time. Cut out the middleman and forget these waste-of-space agencies.

Damian Conti June 9, 2017 4:58 pm

Amazing experience. They contacted me through an indeed ad and were so pleasant and wonderful to work with. Within 24 hours of speaking to them, I had a very promising, very excellent job interview and was hired just one day later. The girls there have AWESOME response time, are professional and incredibly diligent. I was helped by Ronaq and Megan, both of which were wonderful. Thank you!