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Florida Primary & Specialty Care in Boca Raton offers specialized medical care solutions for the entire family to optimize your health and wellness.

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Kim August 4, 2020 2:57 pm

TERRIBLE! They test for COVID, keep that in mind… This was a factor in our leaving before having seen the Dr.

The office started as a weight loss clinic, and I can assure you, my husband doesn’t not have a weight issue – this means that 70% of the forms they sent us were 100% irrelevant. Fine.

We arrived a few minutes before our appt with the majority of the paperwork filled out and proper ID/insurance information. Based on the sign on the door, I asked if they were testing for COVID and the gentleman said yes, they are.

We sat in the waiting room because by the time they took copies of my husband’s ID and insurance card, it was empty. The waiting room filled up pretty quickly. The office staff did not ask people to wear a mask. Another gentleman came out and asked my husband to fill out the new patient paperwork, my husband told him he already filled it out and gave it to the other gentleman. He left and came back 5 minutes later and asked for his ID and insurance card, to which my husband (again) told him he had already given it to the other gentleman.

This woman came in, said she didn’t have an appt but demanded to see her Dr, and they told her that her Dr wasn’t there but she said she’d see the other Dr. She was talking like a crazy person about an estate, saying she’d spent thousands of dollars at their office and didn’t want to come back or wait for an appt, etc. At this point, it’s almost 40 min past our appt time. But they decided to allow her back there to see the Dr we had an appt with.

Finally, and this is where my head almost started to spin, the two office employees that went outside to do a COVID test came back into the office touching the front door and the office while one of them had a mask that was half off.

The lack of professionalism and medical procedure FORCED me to leave and we just walked out.

Ushenina Natalia July 9, 2020 4:49 pm

Sharing my frustration with the clinic regarding yearly check ups. It is insane what my husband has to deal with for the past 10 MONTHS!!!!! They messed up the bill and we are getting mails from collection services. My husband has been on the phone with front desk, Anna billing, George – OWNER OF THE CLINIC for almost a year now. It is impossible to get any information out of them. They avoid your calls, emails. Anna is absolutely useless employee. She is the one who is responsible for billing and never l, not even once, tried to help out. 10 MONTHS!!!! Unless you want to deal with collection servises then the clinic is all yours. To other people – there are way better options out there.

Bonnie Schwartz July 1, 2020 12:26 pm

Nicest doctor, the staff is great and they always accommodate me.

Alik Kalashnikov June 17, 2020 3:50 pm

I went it for a Yearly Physical Wellness check-up on October 18th, 2019. This service is covered 100% by my insurance, I was charged $25 for office visit which was an error and later I was refunded when brought to their attention. However, I have also received a bill from third party diagnostics center for a test that i never ordered for $93.65. After 50+ calls 30+ emails speaking with their Department Billing head Anna Kavali and owner of the Clinic the issue is still not resolved, it has not been 8 months and now the third party diagnostics center submitted this claim to Credit Collection Services and my credit history is in jeopardy due to the lack of care or want to rectify the situation on behalf of this clinic. I am still calling their office almost daily to request this issue be resolved>

My advice RUN AWAY from this clinic unless you want a billing nightmare in your life, absolutely worst customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life.

Stephanie Bregman January 8, 2020 10:14 pm

I am beyond upset with this office. I was told when I came in that I would not get any charges for my well visit. I told them I didn’t want any testing that wasn’t covered by my insurance. They pushed a bunch of stuff that they said I needed and assured me they spoke to the insurance company. I got a bill from some third party lab and after the office said I shouldn’t have gotten it… it has been “5 MONTHS” of back and forth with their billing person. Emails and phone calls and empty promised and nothing has gotten resolved. What makes it even worse is I never even got my test results back! They could care less about their patients and their billing department is not helping me. I am leaving this review hoping that this may help me get someone in the office to respond or return my calls.